5 Easy Ways How to Get XP FAST in Minecraft


If you’re looking for how to get XP fast in Minecraft, your best bet is mining. Mining ores not only provides a decent amount of XP, but it’s also among the safer ways you could farm XP.

Keep in mind that the rarer the ore, the more XP it will provide when mined.

Additionally, you’ll only get XP directly from coal, Lapis, Redstone, diamond, emeralds, and Nether Quartz. These are all the ores that don’t need to be smelted.

The best ore to mine in the game right now is Nether quartz. It provides the highest amount of XP and is relatively common in the Nether. Right after it comes Redstone.

Smelting Bamboo and Cacti

The best thing about this method is that it can be fully automated, so you don’t have to do anything other than reap the XP points.

You use bamboo to fuel the furnaces that are smelting cacti into dye. You can set up a farm and leave it run in the background while you do your things.

Then, you can harvest the dye along with the barrage of XP points.

Building Spawners

Spawners are one of the oldest and most reliable ways you can farm both experience and monster parts. It is worth noting that some spawners are easier to farm than others.

The best spawners are the ones that spawn zombies and skeletons.

There are also blaze spawners you can find in Nether fortresses. These are a great source of XP and blaze rods if you have the appropriate gear.

Farming Zombie Pigmen

The Nether can be a great but risky way for players looking to get XP fast in Minecraft. One of the ways is farming by farming zombie pigmen. Zombie pigmen are found in the Nether.

They are neutral to the player at first until the player decides to hit one of them. They are very common and drop gold nuggets as well as gold swords.

If you want to farm zombie pigmen, you need to be prepared to handle a swarm of them. They can quickly bunch up on the player.

They also have a high attack because of their gold swords, so it’s best to have decent gear when you’re farming zombie pigmen.

Hunting Monsters at Night

Hunting monsters in the night can be a good way to get experience. However, it is also risky, and there are better, more optimal ways.

However, if you’re looking for how to get XP fast in Minecraft, this is undeniably one way you could do it.

If you decide to go monster hunting at night, do it with decent gear so you don’t die so quickly and lose all your XP points.