If you have thought loudly, Am I American, here is your chance to know!!

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    What do you generally eat for breakfast?

    • Sweetened bread
    • Peanut butter and jelly
    • Nutella pancakes
    • Anything is fine as long as not sweet
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    What do you actually mean when you say “How are you?”

    • Of course! That is my first greeting
    • What is so confusing about it?
    • Finding out how they are doing
    • I don’t say that ever
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    Do you religiously ask everyone what they do for livelihood?

    • Always, matter of fact
    • Most of the times yes
    • Umm not really, why?
    • I have known people for decades and not known what they do for a living
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    Do you think American sport a heavy accent?

    • Accent? What accent?
    • Not at all
    • Yea
    • Very strong, cannot catch a word
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    What do you generally do when you see a school bus stop on the road?

    • I stop in my tracks
    • No traffic lights but I freeze alright
    • What am I supposed to be doing?
    • I don’t know, maybe honk
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    What format do you write dates?

    • MM/DD/YYYY
    • Month, day and year in that order
    • Day/month/year
    • Year/month/day
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    What is the probability that you will order Mac and Cheese at a deli?

    • 100% probability
    • I love mac and cheese
    • If there is nothing that catches my fancy
    • I hate mac and cheese
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    Do you order bottomless soda and cola jugs at a deli?

    • Of course
    • Cannot think of swallowing food without it
    • I could bathe in them
    • Oh no!
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    What do you think of Ambulances being charged for?

    • It makes sense to me
    • What is wrong in it
    • Absurd alright
    • What! Ambulance is not a free service!
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    How often do you see a doctor when you fall sick?

    • Only if warranted
    • Too costly to frequently afford
    • Doctor fees has to be affordable
    • What! Really?
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    Roughly how much space do the toilet stall doors have under them?

    • You are scandalizing
    • Just right
    • I could sneak under them
    • I don’t know what you are talking
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    On a scale of 1 to 10, how patriotic are you about the Stars and the Stripes?

    • 10
    • 5
    • 7
    • Wait, what?
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    Do you think it is normal for police to patrol the schools?

    • Of course!
    • Yup
    • Not normal
    • Something really not right
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    What are the chances that you will microwave your tea or coffee than use the stove?

    • Saves a lot of time
    • Energy-efficient and tastes great
    • Tastes flat
    • I don’t even want to think about it
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    How many advertisements do you see in a day about losing weight?

    • 20 is the most conservative estimate
    • 15 to 20
    • 1
    • None at all
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    Do you think Americans talk too loudly?

    • Umm no
    • Not at all
    • Yes
    • Of course, they do!
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    How do Americans feel about Ranch Sauce?

    • There is no better salad dressing
    • All foods taste better with it
    • It’s okay once in a while
    • It over hyped
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    Would you call for cream in your coffee?

    • Yes, how else?
    • Yes, some cream please
    • Only black coffee
    • Atrocious, no!
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    How much tip do you leave behind on your bill

    • A minimum of 20 percent of the bill value
    • 15 to 20 percent of the food value
    • Anything that I feel like
    • I get it added to the bill
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    What do you do with the leftovers of your order in the restaurant/deli?

    • Pack it up to take back with me
    • Pack it up and drop it with someone en route
    • Let it be
    • I finish everything that I order