Am I Antisocial? Or Am I A Social Butterfly?

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    Below are some situations. Which one would you not like to face ever in your life?

    • Get mud all over your clothes by a speeding car
    • Be the last one to finish off your meal at a restaurant
    • Attend a family gathering
    • Speak in public
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    What kind of social event would you like to attend?

    • One that’s hot and happening
    • One with only friends and family
    • One with just me and my pet
    • An event of one
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    Someone you know invited you for dinner by sending a text? What would be your response?

    • Sure, consider me there!
    • Think about what to reply for an hour
    • Politely decline the invitation and make up an excuse
    • Ignore the text
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    What do you usually do when you get a phone call?

    • Answer it. What’s the harm!
    • Answer it only if it’s someone close to me
    • Let it ring several times before I finally decide to answer
    • Ignore the call/hang up
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    When it comes to the latest gadgets and clothes in town, what are your feelings?

    • Be trendy/buy them
    • If someone buys me something trendy, I’m okay with it
    • Zero feelings
    • It’s not at all important for me
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    Would you rather text/call somebody?

    • Either
    • Call close ones, text others
    • Just Text
    • Can I pick none?
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    Your family dragged you out of the house to go attend a gathering with them. What would you do on arrival?

    • Greet everyone/gel up with people
    • Just frown
    • Can’t say
    • Grab a corner and be all by myself
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    What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?

    • Visit the beach with friends or family
    • An intimate trip to a faraway city
    • A solo trip to a place where there are no people
    • I don’t like vacations
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    Where would you like to live someday?

    • Bahamas
    • Somewhere close to the sea with fewer people
    • An apartment with my pet
    • Island, all by myself
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    Where are you likely to work?

    • At a cafe in downtown
    • Web-based job/Work from home
    • Veterinary
    • NASA (and grab the first opportunity to leave earth, lol)