Am I exercising too much? Find out here!

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    Are you used to binge workout without taking any rest at all in the middle?

    • Of course!
    • Isn’t that the way it is?
    • I take rest often
    • Workout? What workout?
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    What do you consciously do to avoid over exercising?

    • There is no such thing as over exercising, okay!
    • I eat only fewer calories on that day
    • I drink a lot of water before I hit the floor
    • I reduce workout just before a competition
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    How many hours of sleep do you catch when you exercise?

    • Three to four hours
    • Not one wink later than five hours
    • Eight full hours
    • 10 hours and counting
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    Do you exercise in extreme hot or cold?

    • Heat or cold, how does that affect my routine?
    • Yes, mostly
    • No, I use my discretion
    • Extreme temperatures make me sluggish
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    What happens when you are not doing well?

    • I am on the gym floor, come what may
    • Depends on my mood
    • I take rest
    • I see the health care officer
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    How long is your rest period between two bouts of exercise?

    • 2 hours max
    • 4 to 5 hours
    • Minimum 6 hours before I even think of it again
    • One week!
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    Do you agree there is something called Compulsive Exercising?

    • You can never go wrong with extra exercising
    • Yes, I have heard about it
    • Compulsive exercise is terrible, bordering on OCD
    • I don’t know what you are saying!
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    Do you feel guilty if you miss exercising for a day?

    • I die with embarrassment
    • I feel I am missing something all day
    • One or two days do not make a difference
    • Why cannot we have two or three days for resting in a week?
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    Have you been told by family or friends that they are very concerned about you?

    • Always
    • Sometimes
    • Nope
    • Cannot say, never heard
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    Is exercising fun?

    • Exercising is hard work only
    • Hmmm not exactly
    • I enjoy my exercise
    • I wish I didn’t have to exercise
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    How much is exercising important to you?

    • It is everything for me
    • I sometimes miss occasions to exercise
    • Exercise is my goal, not my journey
    • Ahem (Clearing throat)*
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    Have you been ever diagnosed with compulsive eating disorders?

    • Always
    • Yes, recently
    • No, never
    • I am hungry
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    Would you ever consider seeing a counselor in case you cannot stop exercising?

    • Why, what is the harm in exercising, no!
    • Umm, may be
    • Yes, I will
    • They may scold me for not putting enough effort
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    Do you know that overdoing exercising leads to heart damage and enlarged arteries?

    • This is a medical conspiracy, I don’t believe
    • This is news to me!
    • I have been hearing about this
    • You mean to say exercising can kill!
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    What is your take on the fact that more exercise doesn’t mean more benefits?

    • You must be kidding me?
    • Oops
    • Correct
    • I am not exercising from today
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    If you are a woman, over exercising can mean that you have lesser menstruation, begin early bone loss and other eating disorders.

    • Please take your propaganda elsewhere
    • Holy cow!
    • I have read about this and I concur
    • I am scared
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    If you are a man, you may have a decrease in libido because of fatigue and low testosterone when you over exercise.

    • I am not falling for this nah
    • This is serious
    • No wonder
    • I am even more scared now
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    Do you fall sick often with sore muscles and joint aches?

    • All the time
    • Yes
    • No
    • Never
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    Are you socially awkward or feel anxious and exhausted when you miss your workout?

    • I lose control over my feelings
    • I feel low
    • I am okay
    • No
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    Why do you like to exercise?

    • I cannot help it
    • I am in good mood
    • I have increased stamina
    • It burns my calories and lets me stay in shape

Written by Siddhesh Jain

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