Am I in Love? Understand Your Feelings by Taking This Quiz!

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    Do you enjoy spending time with that person?

    • Not really
    • Only when I’m happy
    • Only when I’m sad
    • Yes, yes, yes!
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    When you argue with that person, how often do you let things slide?

    • All the time
    • We don’t have arguments; we’re not at that level yet
    • I don’t let things slide when they’re serious
    • Never
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    Has that person ever visited you in your dreams?

    • Yes, and I didn’t want to wake up
    • They did once or twice
    • Once, maybe?
    • Never
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    When you see that person for the first time during the day, how do you feel?

    • Excited!
    • Happy
    • Normal
    • Meh
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    Do you know much about that person? Their morals, goals, ambitions, etc.?

    • I know somethings
    • I. Know. Everything.
    • I don’t know anything about them
    • I don’t really care that much, to be honest
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    When you think about that person, how do you feel?

    • I replay all of our great memories
    • I smile automatically
    • I feel normal
    • I don’t think about them
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    What do you like the most about that person?

    • The way they make me feel
    • Everything
    • Mainly their looks, but their personality isn’t bad
    • Just their looks
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    Can you imagine yourself living with that person and seeing them every single day?

    • Maybe in a fantasy world, where everything is happy and singing
    • Yes!
    • I don’t know
    • No
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    Do you think about that person more than you think about yourself?

    • I think about them when I’m happy
    • YES!
    • I think about them when I’m sad
    • Nope
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    Are you currently dating that person?

    • Yes, we recently got in a relationship
    • Yes, we’ve been together for some time
    • No, but I’d like to
    • No, and I don’t want to at the moment
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    After an argument, are you quick to apologize?

    • If I realize I’m on the wrong, definitely!
    • We haven’t had really big ‘arguments’ yet.
    • I let time play its role and just let the arguments slide.
    • I’m often the first one to apologize, and I do it because I love this person so much.
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    What are your arguments like?

    • Our arguments usually end in a break-up. Very dramatic!
    • So far, we’ve not had a single argument.
    • After every argument, we enter a cold-war zone.
    • Arguments may get heated, but we still have enough respect not to say things that we might regret later on.
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    Can your better-half do no wrong?

    • I know nobody is perfect, but I’m really not with this person for their inner self, if you know what I mean!
    • They’re flawless.
    • My better half is so cute; everything’s forgiven!
    • Like everybody else, this person can do wrong sometimes too.
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    What do you like best about this person?

    • Their physical appearance – face, legs, hairstyle – I’m already drooling!
    • Honestly, I can’t decide – everything about them makes me go ga-ga!
    • The way this person is patiently waiting for me to get committed.
    • Everything – in and out!
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    How would you describe your partner?

    • Handsome, attractive, charming.
    • Perfect, 10/10.
    • Funny, kind, patient.
    • Caring, Compassionate, Loving.
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    If this person leaves you, how would you feel?

    • Nothing. It’s not that difficult to move on, Wink!
    • My whole world would crumble down. I can’t even imagine them leaving.
    • Perhaps I will hurt at first, but eventually, I will do good on my own.
    • Firstly, I would try my best to save this relationship. If at all, I will accept my fate.
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    Do you know the little things about this person? Their favorite TV show, band, food, activity?

    • Hmmm, not really!
    • Yes. In fact, they love the same things as me.
    • I could guess.
    • I may not know the specifics, but I definitely know their preferences.
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    Would you do things for this person that you’d usually never do for anybody else?

    • It really depends on what things.
    • Yes, they deserve the whole wide world!
    • If I’m not comfortable with it, I probably won’t.
    • If it means making them happy, I will definitely try.
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    Here’s a funny question – Do you guys fart openly in front of each other?

    • Hell, no!
    • We’re not there yet.
    • Even thinking about it is making my belly hurt. That’d be embarrassing!
    • We both do, and surprisingly, it’s not a big deal anymore. Haha.
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    Imagine this – Your partner doesn’t look physically attractive anymore – would your feelings still remain the same?

    • Honestly? Yes, this would be a bummer, even if I don’t say it out loud!
    • At this point, nothing can change my feelings for this person. I’m head over heels for them.
    • I would continue to be with them. But I can’t guarantee how long I’d stick around.
    • Without a doubt, Of course! I love this person for who they really are. And we know outer beauty fades with time.