Time for Some Self-Discovery – Are You a Bad Person Quiz

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    When you get into a disagreement with somebody, you..?

    • Try to see where their opinions are coming from
    • Don’t care about their opinion
    • Keep explaining why you’re right and they’re wrong
    • Yell and scream till you’re proven right
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    If you find an unidentified wallet on the street, you will..?

    • Put up posters to let the owner find it
    • Leave it where you found it
    • Take it with you
    • Keep the money and leave the wallet
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    If someone forces their religious ideologies on you, you..?

    • Tell them politely you follow other religion
    • Walk away
    • Tell them to stop talking
    • Tell them your religion is the best
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    How often do you lie in a day?

    • I don’t
    • 1-5 times
    • 5-10 times
    • I don’t have a count because I lie too often
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    How often do you argue with your friends?

    • Very rarely
    • Depends on the topic
    • Yes, whenever they have a different opinion
    • I always look for an opportunity to pick an argument
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    Have you ever broken any law?

    • No, I didn’t.
    • Not yet but I want to, just for the thrill of it
    • Yes, I have
    • I loved breaking laws
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    When you see someone crying, what do you do?

    • Console them till they’re okay
    • Ask what happened and leave
    • Pat them
    • Ignore and walk away
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    Would you lie to make someone feel happy?

    • Why not? It’s how they feel matters
    • I would but tell them the truth eventually
    • If it benefits me, I will
    • No, I don’t care how they feel
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    If your child cried for attention, what would you do?

    • I’ll give them all my attention and make them happy
    • I’ll give them a toy to distract
    • I’ll scold them to stop crying
    • I’ll just leave them crying and do what I’m doing
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    Have you ever cheated on your partner?

    • Never ever!
    • No, but I have thought of it
    • Yes, I have
    • I have but I have no guilt