Worried About Weight? Take The Are You a Healthy Weight Quiz

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    Which age group do you belong to?

    • Below 18 years
    • 18-30 years
    • 30-50 years
    • 50-60 years
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    Has your doctor ever said that you are overweight or underweight?

    • No, they never said that
    • Yes, they hinted that I have the potential to get overweight/underweight
    • Several times
    • All the time
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    What size of clothing do you usually get?

    • According to my age
    • A size bigger/smaller than my age
    • Two sizes bigger/smaller than my age
    • Way large/smaller than my age
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    How much does your scale tell you when you weight yourself?

    • 40-60 kgs
    • Below 40 kgs
    • 60-80 kgs
    • 80 above kgs
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    Do people make fun of your weight?

    • No, they don’t
    • Yes, sometimes they call me thin/fat
    • Most times they do
    • I have always been bullied for my over/under weight
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    Do you feel conscious about your weight?

    • Hardly ever
    • Sort of, sometimes
    • Yes, I do
    • It is my biggest insecurity
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    What type of snacks do you eat in between your meals?

    • Bananas or berries
    • Gummy bear or candy
    • Chips or fries
    • Vegan Burger or Vegan pizza
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    Do you get tired very easily?

    • No, I’m quite active and pumped through out any activity
    • Once or twice
    • Kind of, yes
    • All the time
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    Do you eat healthy food?

    • I eat as healthy as possible every day
    • Twice or thrice in a week
    • Few times a month
    • I don’t eat healthy at all
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    How would you describe your body shape?

    • Lean, muscular and fit
    • Very thin
    • Not too slim nor too fat
    • On the heavy side