Are You Normal? How Normal Are You? Let’s Find Out!

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    You had an argument with your family. Once you cool down, how do you react to your family?

    • I apologize, regardless of whether I was right or wrong.
    • I apologize only if I was wrong
    • My reaction depends on how my family acts
    • Just forget about the argument and behave like nothing ever happened
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    Do you talk to yourself? How often?

    • Never
    • Very rarely
    • All the time (only after double-checking nobody is around)
    • Yes, I love talking to myself (regardless of whoever is around me)
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    Below, we’ve listed some roles/professions. Which one are you likely to choose?

    • Corporate employee
    • In the health department
    • Basket seller
    • Vegetable chopper (c’mon, it’s fun!)
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    What do your friends think about you?

    • Confident and outgoing
    • Independent
    • Crazy
    • Weird
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    Do you mind being naked in public?

    • Even the thought of it embarrasses me
    • Yes, 100%
    • Can’t say
    • Nope. I’m okay with anything
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    How do you usually behave at a party?

    • Decent
    • Be cordial with people
    • Sit all by myself
    • Ignore everyone/just be in my own world
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    As a kid, did you have an imaginary friend?

    • Why would I? That’s creepy!
    • Nope
    • I can’t say/don’t remember
    • As a kid? I still have one!
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    Would you pick your nose in front of someone?

    • Never, that’s gross!
    • I might do it (but only with a tissue)
    • Yes (only in front of people I know)
    • Of course (tissue or no tissue, I don’t care)
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    You had a feisty argument with a colleague last month. Do you often think about it even in the present and think about all the words you could’ve said then?

    • Nope
    • What’s gone is gone
    • Sometimes
    • Definitely!
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    Do you usually post statuses against a person after a heated argument?

    • No, that’s childish
    • Can’t say
    • Often
    • Yes, all the time.