Avoidant Personality Disorder Test: Find Out If You Have AVPD?

  • Question of

    You need to speak at the meeting and have to engage the audience with an interesting topic. What is your reaction?

    • Angry
    • Sad
    • Dull
    • Happy
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    You alleviate yourself when someone shows romantic interest in you, though internally, you long to?

    • Withdraw and be left alone
    • Quite unsure
    • Know the person
    • Be deeply in love
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    You stay away from hanging out with your buddies or going for late night parties? What is the reason?

    • Prefer to stay home alone
    • Afraid that others won’t like me
    • Need some peace
    • Go out once in a while
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    Why do you stay completely reserved from getting to know people?

    • Extremely sensitive to rejection
    • Have a clumsy personality
    • Have limited life experiences
    • Open and easy to communicate
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    Do you find yourself taking a backseat when it comes to trying out new things?

    • Yep
    • It’s obvious
    • Nah
    • Strongly believe in myself
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    When you did not get that promotion you were working for. How did you feel?

    • Disconnected myself completely
    • Offended with everything
    • Reluctant to continue
    • Will try again next time
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    Do you find yourself getting all stressed up when your loved ones do not answer the phone immediately?

    • Yup. Feel frustrated with millions of thoughts running through my mind
    • Everything will be fine when I know what’s happening
    • They might be busy
    • Nah
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    You do not express your views or ideas when in a group, because you think others might make fun of you.

    • Yes. That’s me always
    • At times
    • I believe in myself
    • Not me
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    You feel safe and secure, in which of these scenarios?

    • When I am all alone
    • When it’s quiet and peaceful
    • When I’m away from the noisy crowd
    • When I am with my loved ones
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    Do you avoid applying for jobs that require communicating with people?

    • Afraid of feeling embarrassed.
    • Have very low self-esteem.
    • Worried about other people’s opinions
    • Take part without a second thought
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    What are some of the worst fears you worry about?

    • Facing inferiority complex
    • Getting embarrassed in front of others
    • Being looked down
    • Feeling neglected
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    Do you experience anxiety even in familiar situations?

    • When it is overcrowded and noisy
    • When you get a bashful stare
    • When someone talks wrongfully about you
    • If openly humiliated
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    Are you facing issues with good quality sleep?

    • I have insomnia
    • Certain nights lately
    • Pretty much the same
    • No problem in getting a sound sleep
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    Do you find yourself getting irritated for no specific reason?

    • Always
    • Yes, that’s because I get tired easily
    • It happens rarely
    • Nope
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    How long do you think you have been facing symptoms of avoidant personality disorder?

    • 1 week
    • 5 weeks
    • 2 months
    • 3 months
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    Why do you find the thought of making new connections or opening up frightening?

    • Prefer to stay isolated
    • Think people hate you
    • Not sure about yourself
    • I’m well loved by all
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    How do you behave when it comes to taking risks in life?

    • Avoid risks by all means
    • Stay away at times
    • Somewhat daring
    • A complete risk taker
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    Do you cancel the get together that you planned in advance?

    • Always. Too bored
    • Most times
    • Less likely
    • No. We agreed and I gave my word
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    Does it require several prompts for you to join and participate in group activities?

    • Not confident in myself
    • Don’t you think so
    • Sometimes
    • Take part promptly
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    Have you confided with anyone about how insecure you feel?

    • Wish to stay isolated
    • Your best friend
    • Your loved ones
    • Have found a comfort group