How Well Do You Know Your Car Insurance Quiz?

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    If a rock hit your windshield, would your insurance replace it for free?

    • If I have liability insurance
    • If it came from a construction truck
    • If I have PIP insurance
    • If I have comprehensive insurance
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    What type of insurance costs the most?

    • Car Insurance
    • Liability Insurance
    • Full-Coverage Insurance
    • Collision Insurance
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    At what age does your insurance rate go down?

    • After 26
    • After 21
    • After 23
    • It goes down?
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    How do you qualify as a “safe driver?”

    • No at-fault accidents for 3 years
    • Don’t get a ticket in 3 years
    • Haven’t had a DUI in 7 years
    • All three
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    Does the city you live in affect your monthly premium?

    • I live in the city, so it’s more expensive
    • I’m not sure
    • I think it does
    • No, it doesn’t
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    Which of the following does comprehensive insurance cover?

    • You hit an animal and it damages your car
    • A tree fell and hit your car
    • Your engine catches fire
    • All of the above
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    Which of the following car features can lower your premium the most?

    • Window tint
    • ABS brakes
    • Air conditioning
    • Airbags
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    What does “PIP” mean in insurance terms?

    • Prime Ignite Press
    • Proper Insurance Policy
    • Personal Injury Protection
    • Professional Injury Protection
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    Will full-coverage insurance pay if you purchase it after an accident?

    • Yes, it will
    • It will cover half of the costs
    • No, it won’t
    • Full-coverage will, but comprehensive will not
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    What is GAP insurance?

    • It pays for car rentals
    • It covers accidents if you’re between insurance
    • Pays for uninsured motorists’ insurance
    • Guaranteed Asset Protection