What Gift Should I Buy For My Girlfriend on Christmas? Quiz

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    What does your girlfriend feel about Christmas?

    • Time to spread joy and love with loved ones
    • Spoil each other with presents
    • Eat cake and rejoice
    • Cuddle and enjoy the weather
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    How does she feel around this holiday?

    • Overly excited
    • Happy
    • Thrilled
    • Lazy
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    How would you describe her?

    • Nerd (a cute one, though)
    • Sweet
    • Foodie
    • Warm
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    How does she usually dress?

    • She’s very simple yet manages to look the most beautiful
    • She likes being trendy and stylish
    • She prioritizes comfort over anything
    • She dresses according to the occasion
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    What’s her hobby?

    • She spends most of her time reading
    • Styling up/putting on makeup/ shopping
    • She loves Cooking
    • Watching movies/ Netflix
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    Does she wear jewelry? Does she have a favorite?

    • Yes, but very minimal.
    • She’s a collector when it comes to jewelry. I’ve never seen her neck bare!
    • Just her grandmother’s ring
    • Nope, she’s not a fan!
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    What’s her favorite movie genre?

    • Drama/ Romance
    • Not really a movie fan
    • She hardly watches movies
    • Rom-com
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    On a late Friday evening, you ask her out for a date. Where would she like to go?

    • Casual cafe
    • A luxurious roof-top restaurant
    • To the beach
    • To the movies
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    She won a jackpot! What’s the first thing she does?

    • A library of her own, lol
    • Build her own shopping empire
    • Travel the world and try new food everywhere she lands
    • Build an in-house movie theatre
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    Which animal would she like to have as a pet?

    • A puppy
    • Prefers none
    • Cat
    • Exotic bird