The Next Step in Life: College or Military Quiz

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    What do you do in your free time?

    • Study for exams
    • Read about World War II
    • Play strategy games
    • Work out
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    What do you think of the military?

    • I’m indifferent about it
    • I think it’s exciting to learn more about it
    • I’m interested in the spirit of leadership that it creates
    • I’ve always been fascinated by the military
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    Which of these would you prefer?

    • A scholarship to the school of my choice
    • A visit to a museum ship
    • A letter of recommendation from a congressman
    • A week-long boot camp experience
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    How do you feel about exams?

    • I’m always prepared for my exams
    • I like taking exams if they’re about a subject I enjoy
    • I don’t love exams, but I recognize their importance
    • I hate exams
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    Which of these Youtube channels would you prefer?

    • Khan Academy
    • Military History Visualized
    • GoArmy
    • I don’t watch Youtube
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    How do you feel about teachers?

    • I love the teachers that I’ve had
    • I’m only really a fan of my history teachers
    • I think that teachers are mainly there to instill discipline
    • I don’t really like teachers
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    How much do you know about military equipment?

    • Not much at all
    • I can tell you more about historical military equipment than present-day gear
    • I’m more interested in how soldiers are led than the equipment they use
    • I know all about modern military equipment
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    Which of the following positions suits you best?

    • Leader of the math club
    • Librarian’s assistant
    • Class president
    • Star athlete
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    Which of these following statements is true about your group of friends?

    • All of my friends have good grades
    • My friends would all be interested in visiting a war memorial
    • My friends see me as the leader of our group
    • My friends and I are some of the toughest people around
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    How good are your grades?

    • I have perfect grades
    • My grades are above average
    • My grades are good in subjects that I care about
    • I have poor grades