Does He Like Me Quiz? Find out now

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    Are you two friends?

    • He’s my BFF
    • Yea
    • Nope
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    How much time do you spend talking to him every day?

    • We talk for hours every single day!
    • We call or text a couple of times a week
    • We hardly speak, to be honest
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    Do you personally think he likes you?

    • Yeah
    • I’m not sure
    • I know he doesn’t hate me
    • How would I know?
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    Does he make eye contact from time to time?

    • All the time. Sometimes it scares me.
    • Sometimes, yes
    • I don’t know, really
    • Nope
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    You walk into a room, and he’s there alone or with friends/colleagues. Does he notice you?

    • he usually looks me in the eye and smiles as soon as I walk in
    • Yeah, he greets me within a few seconds
    • Only if he’s not busy
    • He doesn’t bat an eye
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    Does he smile when you’re around?

    • Yep
    • Now that you bring it up, he does!
    • Sometimes, I guess?
    • Don’t think so
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    Have you been told that he likes you by his friends?

    • A couple of them did
    • I haven’t, but his friends told my friends that he does
    • I’ve never talked to his friends
    • Nope
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    Does he get visibly upset when you talk to other guys?

    • He does turn the other way when I do thatShe does turn the other way when I do that
    • I think he does
    • Sometimes
    • Don’t think he cares that much
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    Does she blush when you’re around?

    • He blushes all the time
    • I think he does
    • I haven’t noticed
    • He never looks my way, so I don’t know
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    Does he often leave his friends so that he can talk to you instead?

    • he did that a couple of times
    • he may have just done that before, but I’m not sure
    • Never seen him do that
    • Nuh-uh