Does He Love Me Anymore? Find Out Today

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    Does he spend less time with you now than before?

    • No, it’s the same as always
    • A little bit less
    • When was the last time we went out?
    • It’s not fun anymore
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    Does he bring up the past when arguing?

    • He lives in the future
    • Once in a while
    • Always
    • It’s the same arguments
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    How often do you have arguments?

    • We never argue
    • Everyday
    • Every time we talk
    • What for? He always wins
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    Does he talk to you about exciting things that occur during his day?

    • I’m the first to know
    • Sometimes
    • Rarely
    • He only tells his friends
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    When has he shown a romantic gesture?

    • Every other day
    • Once a month
    • Only on valentine’s day
    • I can’t remember the last time
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    Has anything drastic impacted his life recently?

    • No, he’s acting as normal
    • Not that I know of
    • I wouldn’t know
    • His mom probably knows
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    Has anything drastic or life-changing occurred to you recently?

    • No, it’s all the same
    • Not sure
    • Yes
    • Yeah, but it’s not me
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    If he were losing interest in you, how would you feel?

    • Sad
    • Confused
    • Relieved
    • Happy
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    Does he go out of his way to spend time with you?

    • Yes, he clears his schedule
    • Sometimes, if he has time
    • Rarely
    • I’m his last priority
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    What makes you think he doesn’t love you anymore?

    • Nothing just taking the test
    • Not sure, I’m just overthinking
    • Seems distant
    • He avoids me