Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz? Find Out by Taking This Quiz!

  • Question of

    What was the last gift he got you?

    • Something expensive
    • A nice box of chocolates
    • Some rather unfortunate looking flowers, but at least he tried
    • I don’t remember
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    To make him give you a foot massage, you’d have to…

    • MAKE him? He offers
    • He’ll probably say yes anyway, but maybe offer to cook a nice meal to be sure
    • Reciprocate
    • He would never. He says he hates feet…
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    Does he make an effort to spend time with you?

    • Yes, almost every day
    • Yes, he’ll make sure we do something just for us at least once a week
    • Occasionally
    • I always have to force him to spend time with me
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    You ask him to hang out. His friends ask him to hang out. Who wins?

    • Me. Every time
    • I do usually
    • I do sometimes, but he can be less fun if he thinks he’s missing out
    • Them. Always!
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    If you mention moving to the next step in your relationship, does he…

    • Get excited and seem happy to discuss it
    • Talk about it openly but says you should wait longer
    • Talk about it a little, but brush it off quickly
    • Clam up completely
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    Does he ever cook for you?

    • Yes, often
    • Yes, when he has the time
    • Rarely
    • He’s never cooked for me
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    He compliments you on how you look…

    • All the time
    • Quite often
    • When I make an extra effort
    • Never
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    When’s the last time he took you on a date?

    • We’re on one right now. I should probably get off my phone…
    • A few days ago
    • He tries to take me out at least once a month
    • Like 5 years ago
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    Does he make a big deal about your anniversary?

    • Yes, he took me away somewhere!
    • Yes, he took me out and got me a nice gift
    • He took me to a cheap restaurant
    • He didn’t remember
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    Does he talk about his future?

    • Yes, and it’s always OUR future
    • Yes, occasionally, and he usually mentions me
    • Yes, but he doesn’t mention me
    • Never