Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz? Find Out Now!

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    Is he still in touch with you?

    • Yes, he still speaks to me a lot
    • Yes, he messages me occasionally
    • Only so he can figure out when to get his stuff
    • Only because I instigated it…
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    Was it a rough break-up?

    • It went surprisingly smoothly and he was nice about it
    • I’ve had worse
    • I’ve had better
    • It was awful. I hate thinking about it
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    Has he collected his stuff from your place?

    • Yeah, he’s been like 5 times. He keeps ‘forgetting’ things
    • He said he’d like to come by soon to get it
    • He said he’d come but he keeps putting it off
    • He told me to just keep it
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    You bumped into him. How was he?

    • He seemed happy to see me
    • Cordial
    • Quite short
    • He ran the other way
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    His social media is…

    • All sad poems and stuff
    • Pretty much the same as always
    • Crazy. He’s out clubbing all the time
    • I don’t know, he blocked me
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    Has he drunk dialed you yet?

    • Yes, he said he regrets breaking up
    • Yes, it was actually a nice chat
    • No
    • Yes, but not to say nice things
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    How was your relationship before the breakup?

    • It was awesome until the end
    • It was great most of the time
    • It was bumpy at times
    • It was pretty bad. Maybe it’ll be better next time?
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    Do you think your ex still considers you a friend?

    • Definitely
    • Maybe, it’s hard to tell
    • I don’t get that impression
    • Definitely not
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    If you mentioned you still liked him, your friends would think…

    • I should go for it!
    • They’d probably encourage me
    • They’d probably advise against it
    • They’ve already said I’m better off without him
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    Has he suggested you meet?

    • Yep, he sounds like he really wants to
    • There’s been talk of coffee
    • not yet
    • I suggested it, he said no