Does My Girlfriend Still Love Me Quiz? Find Out Now!

  • Question of

    When you first wake up, she…

    • Says good morning and kisses you
    • Says good morning
    • Basically, just grunts
    • You’re not allowed to sleep in the same bed right now
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    You want to go out with her, but so do her friends. Who wins?

    • You, of course
    • You most of the time
    • Usually, her friends
    • Always her friends
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    When you say you love her, she…?

    • Says it right back
    • Gives you a kiss
    • Kind of hesitates
    • Gives a cold, blank stare
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    You make her laugh…

    • All the time!
    • A fair amount
    • She’s laughing AT you, not with you
    • Never
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    How often does she say you look nice?

    • A few times a day
    • Once every day or two
    • You’d like her to say it more
    • You’re starting to worry you’re ugly because she never says it
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    You try and kiss her. Her response is…

    • To get into it and kiss you back
    • Some reciprocation, if she’s not busy
    • Not right now
    • Ew!
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    Did she get you anything for Xmas?

    • Yeah, she knew exactly what you wanted without having to ask
    • She got you a nifty gift
    • A pretty nice card
    • Apparently, she forgot it was Christmas?
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    You propose going on a holiday. She…

    • Can’t wait! She’s psyched!
    • Seems pretty excited
    • Thinks it’s probably too expensive
    • Says she’s already going somewhere with her friends
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    You make a little mistake. How does she respond?

    • She reassures you and tells you it’s fine
    • She’s pretty blase about it
    • She gets a little annoyed
    • She responds with unbridled anger
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    Does she ever surprise you?

    • All the time, in the best of ways
    • Occasionally, with a nice treat
    • Not really
    • Does moving her stuff back to her parent’s house without saying anything count?