Does She Love Me or Is She Using Me Quiz

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    Has she met your family?

    • Yes, she’s great with them
    • No, not yet
    • Avoids it
    • I’m not interested
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    Is your significant other affectionate in public?

    • Of course
    • Sometimes
    • Never
    • I’m not a touchy person.
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    Does she speak with you when you need to work out a problem?

    • Yes
    • When we have time
    • Not usually
    • We don’t talk like that
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    Does your partner call you regularly?

    • We can’t stop talking
    • Depends on the day
    • We only text
    • I like to talk in person
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    Have you spoken to her about marriage?

    • Definitely
    • Once
    • Never
    • I’m afraid to
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    Does your partner flirt with others in front of you?

    • Nope, not at all
    • Sometimes
    • That’s just her personality
    • I do as well so it’s even
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    Does your significant other often ask to borrow money?

    • No
    • They make their own money
    • Yes, all the time
    • She pays me sometimes
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    Is your partner extra nice to you when she needs you?

    • No, she is caring
    • When she feels like it
    • I’m used to it
    • Yes, all the time
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    Does your significant only contact you when they need something or have a question?

    • Yes, mostly
    • Sometimes
    • No
    • I like my space
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    Do you ever question if you are buying your partner’s affection?

    • It never crosses my mind
    • Once in a while
    • Yes, I think I’m doing too much
    • I know I am

Written by Siddhesh Jain

My name is Siddhesh Jain, and I'm the fastest man alive (when it comes to learning, that is). I've been acquiring knowledge and learning new strategies for years, and I'm here to share my vast experience with you. What's my goal? Simple, I want to help every young entrepreneur succeed. Follow me on my journey!