Does Your Boyfriend Truly Love You?

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    Does your boyfriend tell you he loves you?

    • Yes, he loves me unconditionally
    • Sometimes
    • No
    • Thankfully, not yet
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    Is your boyfriend affectionate?

    • All the time
    • Not in public
    • From time to time
    • I don’t like clingy people
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    How often do you talk?

    • Everyday
    • A few times a week
    • On the weekends
    • I’m not a social person
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    How often does he express his love for you?

    • He always does sweet things
    • Once in a while
    • He’s not very thoughtful
    • No, but neither do I
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    How often do you spend quality time alone?

    • As much as possible
    • When we are bored
    • He is always busy
    • I like my space
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    How is your friendship?

    • Best friends
    • Friends
    • Distant friends
    • Mysterious
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    Do the two of you live together or plan to live together?

    • Yes
    • Maybe
    • Too soon
    • I like my privacy
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    Does he make you a better person?

    • Yes
    • Only when I see him
    • He stresses me out
    • I don’t let anyone influence me
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    Is your relationship with him motivational?

    • My life is better since we met
    • Sometimes when I see him
    • He brings me down a lot
    • I motivate myself
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    Do you’ll talk about a future together?

    • That’s my favorite part
    • Sometimes
    • It’s too soon
    • I haven’t thought that far