Are You a Food Savvy? Show Us Your Food IQ!

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    Let’s start with an easy one; do vitamin supplements provide extra energy?

    • No
    • Yes
    • What are vitamin supplements?
    • Why am I even taking this quiz?
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    Which of the following foods is recommended for those looking to lower their cholesterol level?

    • Nuts
    • Whole wheat bread
    • Oats
    • None
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    Which of the following oil types has the lowest intake of cholesterol and calories?

    • Olive oil
    • Coconut oil
    • Peanut oil
    • They’re all the same
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    Which of the following juices has the highest intake of iron?

    • Water
    • Orange juice
    • Apple juice
    • Soda
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    Which of the following foods has to travel the longest to reach Chicago in the middle of the winter?

    • Banana
    • Grapes
    • Tomatoes
    • Mushrooms
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    Which of the following foods has the highest amount of pesticide when bought non-organic?

    • Grapes
    • Apples
    • Orange
    • Tomatoes
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    Which kind of sugar is the healthiest?

    • White sugar
    • Brown sugar
    • Honey
    • Sugar isn’t healthy
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    How many pounds of antibiotics are given to livestock in the US every year?

    • 6 million
    • 12 million
    • 28 million
    • 50.8 million
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    Is it true that all ingredients used in the US food supply are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)?

    • I don’t know
    • Yes
    • Nope
    • What is the FDA?
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    GRAS is the acronym used for the FDA’s safety evaluation for food additives. What does the acronym stand for?

    • Generally Recognized As Safe
    • Graded Regulatory Action Standards
    • Given Requirements Are Safe
    • Going Right As Silk?
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    What is ascorbic acid known as?

    • Vitamin B1
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin A
    • The digestive acid
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    What’s the main purpose of adding salt to certain foods (besides taste and texture)?

    • Color
    • Working as a preservative
    • Reducing food waste
    • None of the above
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    Can foods that are low in salt help reduce blood pressure?

    • Yes
    • Nope
    • I don’t know
    • What does salt have to do with blood pressure?
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    Where can you find the nutritional facts and ingredients of different packaged foods?

    • On the food packaging
    • You can’t
    • I don’t usually look for those
    • Are those important?
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    Considering that a daily intake of 400g of caffeine is considered moderate by the FDA, how many 8-ounce cups of coffee would you need to consume to reach the FDA’s consumption limit?

    • One cup per day
    • Two cups per day
    • Three to four cups per day
    • Sorry i forgot my calculator
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    What’s the healthiest way to add flavor to your meals?

    • Add salt
    • Add butter
    • Season them using spices and herbs
    • Frying them
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    How many 8-ounce cups of water do adults need to drink every day?

    • 2 cups
    • 4 cups
    • 8 cups
    • 20 cups
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    Can choosing healthy food options really help you manage stress, sleep, weight, and energy level?

    • Of course
    • I don’t think so
    • That’s a good question
    • I’ll have to try to find out
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    Is it true that you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise regularly?

    • Isn’t that the whole point of exercising?
    • No
    • Yes
    • I don’t exercise, so I don’t really know nor care
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    Is it true that chocolate and fast-food can cause body aches?

    • No
    • Yes!
    • I don’t know
    • Let’s keep chocolate out of this, okay?
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    Which of the following options isn’t actually a nut?

    • Pecan
    • Chestnuts
    • Filberts
    • Almond
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    Are avocados considered drupes or berries?

    • Drupes
    • None
    • What even are drupes and berries?
    • Berries
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    The Sharon fruit is also known as:

    • Passionfruit
    • Devilfruit
    • Persimmon
    • Plum
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    What is Mille-Feuille?

    • A croissant
    • A Pastry
    • A pain au chocolate
    • A cake
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    Which of the following is not a traditional ingredient in pesto?

    • Parsley
    • Basil
    • Pine nuts
    • Amond
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    Which of the following is not an ingredient in eggplant lasagna?

    • Eggplant
    • Sea salt
    • Pepper
    • Pine nuts
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    Are bananas healthy or not?

    • Yes they’re healhty
    • Nope they’re not
    • I don’t know
    • Can I call a friend?
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    Are pretzels healthy or not?

    • I eat them every day, so they better be
    • Nope, obviously
    • What are pretzels?
    • I don’t know
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    Are smoothies healthy?

    • Yes, as long as you consume it moderately
    • No
    • It tastes bad, so nope
    • I don’t drink, so I don’t care
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    Is soy healthy or not?

    • Yes soy is healthy
    • Nah it’s not healthy
    • Any vegetable is healthy
    • What’s soy?
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    Are veggie sticks healthy?

    • I don’t even know what those are
    • They’re made of potato starch or rice flour, so no
    • I think so
    • Yes
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    How many servings of veggies and fruits should one consume every day?

    • At least three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit
    • At least three servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit
    • At least four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit
    • At least five servings of vegetables and four servings of fruit
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    How many calories should be in a healthy snack?

    • 50 to 100 calories
    • 150 to 200 calories
    • 250 to 400 calories
    • 500 to 700 calories
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    How many kilojoules are there in 1 kilocalorie?

    • 1
    • 4.1868
    • 6.5846
    • 10.2589
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    Is it true that you cannot build muscle mass when following a vegan diet?

    • Yes
    • Nope, many vegan foods are rich in protein
    • How would I know?
    • Aren’t vegan foods low in protein?
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    The Junk Food King what is it called?

    • Sandwich
    • Burger
    • Pizza
    • Waffles
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    What’s this healthy thing called

    Healthy Salad
    • Yikes don’t know
    • Macrons?
    • Deserts
    • Salads
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    When you see this what Food comes to your mind?

    Junk Food
    • Burger
    • Waffles
    • Pancake
    • Pizza
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    Can you guess what this is?

    • Guacamole
    • Avocado
    • Strawberry
    • Blue Berry
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    Can you guess what is there in the bowl?

    • Something Nutritional
    • Junk Food
    • Milk and More Milk
    • Cereals