Greek God Personality Quiz – Find Out the Greek God in You

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    Which words describe you the best?

    • Kind, quiet and calm
    • Musical, outgoing and creative
    • Strong, mighty and powerful
    • Lazy, swift and wise
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    Which kinds of books would you buy on a book fair?

    • Farming and home improvement books
    • Romance and musical books
    • Fiction and fantasy books
    • Advice and business books
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    What is your favorite kind of weather?

    • Sunny and breezy
    • Partly cloudy and windy
    • Rain with thunder and lightning
    • Warm and comfortable
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    Which superpowers would you want to have?

    • Make everybody love each other
    • Play any musical instrument ever created
    • Never lose a battle
    • Be intelligent enough to build anything
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    What is your favorite kind of food?

    • Vegan Soup
    • Vegan Burgers and Vegan pizzas
    • Vegan Spaghetti and bread
    • Salads of any kind
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    Which is your favorite color palette?

    • Earthy tones with greens and turquoise
    • Multi color palette
    • Dark tones like browns and black
    • Warm neutral tones
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    Which two countries would you travel if you were given free tickets?

    • Hawaii and Italy
    • Greece and France
    • Germany and England
    • USA and China
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    Which would you not mind adopting?

    • An owl
    • A monkey
    • A wolf
    • A dove
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    How does your dream house look like?

    • A house made of straws in the country side
    • An apartment in the city
    • A mansion in the mountains
    • A typical contemporary house
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    A typical contemporary house

    • Sit by the fire and read a book
    • Play musical instruments
    • Race and compete in various sports
    • Watch my favorite show and feast on my bed