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    Which book of Harry Potter do you like best?

    • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    • Harry Potter and the Sorcerors’ Stone
    • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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    What would you learn first in Hogwart’s school?

    • Learn magic spells
    • Learn how to make potions
    • Go to battles
    • Perform some complex magic
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    How do you like spending your time with friends?

    • Talking about important news while ordering good food
    • Watching a movie that is creating a buzz on the internet
    • Going on a hike to the mountains, take a road trip
    • Learning a new skill online
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    Which animal would you keep as a pet?

    • Dog because they are quick learners
    • An owl so that he can keep watch over me at night
    • A tiger, if I get a chance, that is!
    • A chick because I want to know how fast chickens grow
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    How often do you pamper yourself in a week?

    • I like to do it whenever I have the time
    • Once a week because self-love is first for me
    • I pamper myself by buying the latest gadget
    • I pamper myself with the newest spa or salon anytime
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    Why do you think magic is important?

    • Because it can help people get rid of ailments
    • Because you can make money without working hard
    • Because I can take myself to unknown places in a jiffy!
    • Because I will be able to read people’s minds
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    What do you like the most about Hogwarts Mystery?

    • The graphics of the game are excellent
    • The plot of the game is interesting
    • The quests are very challenging for a game
    • The game gives me the real feeling of joining Hogwarts
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    How do you answer bullies in school?

    • I try to reason out and, if not then complain to the authorities
    • I try to stay away from bullies and mind my own business
    • I give them a taste of their own medicine
    • I don’t have a say in anything
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    What would you do if you faced a theft in school?

    • Complain to the authorities directly
    • Try to find the thief by collecting all the facts
    • Search the thief myself
    • Honestly, I would be the least bothered!
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    Are you afraid of ghosts?

    • I don’t believe in ghosts and would happily face one
    • A little maybe, but I wouldn’t mind meeting one
    • Of course not! Let them come at me!
    • Do they even exist? Maybe yes, or maybe not!
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    Do you think you are a religious person?

    • Yes, I am, and I have a logical explanation for this
    • Not so much because in the end, you must be a good person
    • No, I am an atheist!
    • Yes, but I don’t really care!
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    Where is an ideal vacation spot for you?

    • Anywhere cool and breezy
    • Anywhere I get to learn new things
    • A place full of controversies
    • Anywhere I’ve never been to
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    Are you a team player?

    • Of course! I am often the leader in my team
    • Yes! I love teamwork
    • Not always! I like to do things on my own
    • Maybe! Depends on my mood
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    Do you think you are an ambitious person?

    • Yes, very much
    • My ambition changes with time
    • Not much! I like to live in the moment
    • Yes, who isn’t?
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    Do people think you are friendly?

    • Yes, but they seem intimidated by me
    • Not really, because they seem nervous always
    • Nope, they think I am a snob!
    • Not at first, but eventually, yes!
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    Did you watch the Harry Potter movie first or read the book?

    • Read the book
    • Read and watch simultaneously
    • Watched or read neither
    • Watched the movie first
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    Do you believe there is another world?

    • Not as yet since there are no reports of it
    • I like to think there is another world
    • No! and I don’t even care!
    • Maybe yes! I would love to know more
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    Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

    • Anywhere I want to be!
    • Only time will tell
    • Don’t know, never gave a thought
    • I am still thinking about it
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    What was your favorite teacher like in school?

    • Intelligent and very capable
    • Caring and protective
    • Confident and helpful
    • Nerdy and kind
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    How often do you drive to school or work?

    • Most of the times
    • I like to cycle to school
    • I prefer walking over anything else
    • I can’t go without a car