Confident About Your Health? Try The How Healthy Are You Quiz

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    When was the last time you ate fast food?

    • I don’t remember, it’s been a long time
    • A few months ago
    • A few days ago
    • Yesterday itself
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    Do you smoke?

    • Never ever
    • I used to but I quit
    • I smoke e-cigarettes
    • Almost everyday
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    Do you eat veggies and fruits on a regular basis?

    • Yes, I make sure to include at least two veggie meals every day and fruit salad for breakfast or snack
    • I eat them thrice a week
    • Only whenever I feel like
    • No, I barely eat any veggies or fruits
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    Do you eat whole grains instead of refined wheat?

    • Yes, I always choose brown rice or whole wheat bread over white bread and white rice
    • I alternate between the two
    • Once in a week
    • Not regularly but once a month
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    Do you add sugar to your coffee, tea or juice?

    • I never add sugar
    • I have recently quit sugar
    • Sometimes when I want to eat healthy, I avoid sugar
    • I always add sugar on all my beverages
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    Is your digestive system good?

    • Yes, it is perfectly fine
    • Generally, yes, but once in a while it gets irregular
    • Sometimes I face irregularities
    • No, most times I have an upset stomach
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    Can you get by a cardio exercise for 20 minutes without getting tired?

    • That’s so easy
    • Yes, I can pull through
    • I will get breathless and keep panting
    • I’ll be down in 10 minutes
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    How much water do you drink every day?

    • 10 glasses of water
    • 5 glasses maximum
    • 2-3 glasses
    • I barely drink water because I forget
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    How many hours of sleep do you get?

    • Strict 8 hours
    • 6-7 hours daily
    • I don’t have a fixed sleep schedule
    • I barely sleep 5 hours because of binge-watching
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    Do you try to maintain a stable weight?

    • Yes, it is always consistent
    • I think so
    • I keep gaining and losing weight
    • I don’t keep a track