Financial Life Quiz: How Much Money Am I Worth

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    How Many Hours A Week Do You Work?

    • 0-10 hours
    • 11-20 hours
    • 21-30 hours
    • 31-40 hours
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    What Type of Career Do You Have

    • I get an allowance from my parents
    • Fast food
    • Stock investor
    • Computer programmer
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    How Big Is Your House?

    • 600 square feet
    • 1,000 square feet
    • 2,000 square feet
    • 5,000 square feet
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    Do You Invest in The Stock Market?

    • What’s the stock market?
    • I trade with paper stocks for practice
    • I am invested in some small businesses
    • I own stocks for Google and Tesla
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    How Much Money Do You Have Saved?

    • I live paycheck to paycheck
    • I have $50 saved
    • I have $1,000 saved
    • I have $250,000 saved
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    What Car Do You Want?

    • Toyota Camry
    • Ford Mustang
    • BMW M5
    • McLaren 720S
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    Do You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

    • I don’t know what Bitcoin is
    • I own a little bit of crypto saved
    • I have a cryptocurrency credit card
    • I own 100 Bitcoins
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    What Brand of Shoes Do You Wear the Most?

    • Reebok
    • Nike
    • Steve Madden
    • Louis Vuitton
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    What Brand Of Watch Do You Wear?

    • I don’t know
    • Armitron
    • Rolex
    • Richard Millie
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    What Do You Wear to Work?

    • Jeans and a T-shirt
    • Business casual
    • Business professional
    • Suit and tie
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    How Many Times A Week Do You Eat Out?

    • I cook my own meals
    • I eat fast food sometimes
    • I eat at fancy restaurants every week
    • I eat out whenever I want a snack
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    Do You Have A Retirement Fund?

    • I don’t have anything saved
    • I have a savings account
    • I have life insurance
    • I have a 401k
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    How Many Phones Do You Own?

    • I don’t have a phone
    • I have 1 smartphone
    • I have 2 smartphones
    • I have a phone for each business
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    Are You on Social Media

    • aI don’t have social media
    • I have social media, but it’s less than 100 followers
    • I have over 10,000 followers
    • I have over 1 million followers
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    How Often Do You Go to The Dentist?

    • I haven’t been in 5 years
    • I only go once a year
    • I get my teeth cleaned every 6 months
    • I get my teeth cleaned on the weekends.
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    How Many Credit Cards Do You Have?

    • I don’t have a credit card
    • I have one credit card for emergencies
    • I have several credit cards for spending
    • I have a black card (unlimited credit)
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    What Type of Pet Do You Have?

    • I have a fish
    • I have a cat or dog
    • I have a pet monkey
    • I have a jaguar
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    How Many Businesses Do You Own?

    • I work for somebody else
    • I have a side-business
    • I own my own business
    • I own multiple businesses
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    How Do You Think About Real Estate?

    • I want to live in a house
    • I have a house
    • I flip homes
    • I buy homes to rent them out
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    How Much Education Did You Complete?

    • I got my GED
    • Associate’s degree
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Ph.D. Doctorate degree