How Old Am I? Take This Quiz To Find Your True Age!

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    When you’re having a bad day, who do you confide in?

    • Mommy
    • Friends
    • Partner/spouse
    • Therapist
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    Imagine yourself having an argument with your sibling. What could be the argument about?

    • Probably over the TV remote/ WiFi
    • Being late from parties
    • Money management/Career talks
    • About the kids
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    What do you usually do on your weekends?

    • Scratching my head over school/college assignments
    • Go out/Party Hard/Sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays
    • Weekends are a time for relaxation
    • Family time
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    What’s the most painful experience in life so far?

    • Failing a class
    • Cheated in a relationship/by a friend
    • Loss of a job/promotion
    • Death of a loved one
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    What do you like doing with your friends?

    • Play charades/video games
    • Shopping/Chit-chatting
    • Go out for dinner/Vacations
    • Play board games/Discuss life in general
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    What’s your idea of a Vacation?

    • Fun, fun, fun and more fun!
    • Explore new places and opportunities to make new friends/ Maybe find a date
    • Break from office stress/ And of course, an opportunity to make new memories with friends and family
    • Great way to spend time with spouse/kids/grand-kids
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    Suppose you can dye your hair temporarily for a day; which color would you choose?

    • Rainbow
    • Pink/Neon green
    • Balayage/Blonde
    • Black
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    What do you look for in a romantic partner?

    • I’m too young to answer that
    • Good looks, height, cute
    • Honesty, loving, and caring
    • Comforting, supportive, and loyal
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    What’s your preferred movie genre?

    • Animation/Action
    • Rom-Com/Horror
    • Comedy/Thriller
    • Drama
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    What is your biggest concern in life currently?

    • Grades
    • Relationships
    • Making a career
    • My family’s well being
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    Here are some gift ideas. Which one would you like best?

    • The latest toy/video game/smartphone
    • Kitchen appliances
    • A coupon that pays off my monthly rent
    • Quality time with a loved one