Why Am I So Sad? How Sad Am I? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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    Do you feel like hurting yourself?

    • Emotionally? Yes! (mostly by over thinking)
    • Not at all why would i do that
    • Kind of yes i do want to hurt myself
    • Yup at times i do feel like that
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    How do you usually deal with bad days?

    • Just let it slide
    • Depends on the situation
    • I end up crying most of the times
    • I don’t ‘deal.’ I ‘live’ with bad days. You know what I mean?
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    How would you describe your social life?

    • Boring i would rate it a zero
    • Hot and happening
    • Bad extremely bad
    • Dead don’t even ask me about it
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    Which color would you pick to describe your emotions presently?

    • Beige
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Grey
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    Do you consider yourself lucky when it comes to friends?

    • Can’t say for sure maybe – maybe not
    • Yes. I have many great friends
    • At this moment? I really don’t know
    • No. I’m all by myself.
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    Do you have any kind of worries in life? What kind of?

    • Yes, personal issues.
    • What do I cook for dinner? (Does that count?)
    • Not sure what exactly should i be worried about?
    • Many. Where do I even begin!
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    How stressed are you currently?

    • A little at this stage of life
    • I’m just chilling. Not stressed
    • Kind of stressed having midlife crisis
    • Super stressed and i’m freaking out
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    What do you think of your family?

    • I love them a lot
    • I can’t be without them
    • Indifference don’t feel anything for them
    • I could care less for them and i believe they feel the same
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    What do you do to feel better?

    • Listen to sad songs at full volume
    • Eat chocolates and junk food
    • I try to think about good things in life that have happened to me
    • Nothing what’s the point in feeling better?
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    What do you think about yourself?

    • Still trying to figure it out
    • One and only kind no one’s like me
    • I am who I am and it’s fine if people don’t like me
    • I dislike myself and hate the person I have become
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    Finally, what’s the main purpose of taking this quiz?

    • Because I am sad and need to figure out why
    • Just because I wanted a closure
    • I wanted some answers and I don’t bevel what people have to say
    • I wanted to know How much sadness was inside me