Does He Love You? This Quiz Will Let You Know!

  • Question of

    Has he ever bought you a gift?

    • I’m showered with gifts!
    • He’s bought me a few nice things
    • I think there’s something in the works
    • He’s never bought me anything
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    Does he go out of his way to spend time with you?

    • He tries to spend all of his time with me
    • He spends a fair amount of his time with me
    • I have to ask him to
    • He doesn’t make the effort
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    Has he ever ditched his friends for you?

    • All I have to do is ask
    • He probably would
    • He might be willing to
    • He’s much more likely to ditch me
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    Do you ever notice him looking at you?

    • All the time!
    • Sometimes
    • No
    • Yes, but it’s kind of creepy
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    If you were to fall over, he would…

    • rush to my aid
    • help me up
    • laugh
    • I don’t think he would notice
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    If you went to the movies together, he would…

    • Buy both our tickets and snacks
    • Buy my ticket for me
    • Think we should pay for our own stuff
    • Think I should pay, it was my idea…
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    If you were to talk about another guy, what would he do?

    • Get super jealous
    • Get a little jealous, but mostly hide it
    • Not care much
    • Encourage me to go for it
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    Has he ever invited you to his place?

    • Yep 😉
    • Yes, we’ve hung out there
    • Not yet, but I think he might soon
    • He doesn’t want me there
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    Does he ever get deep with you?

    • He talks about his life, his future, and his problems
    • We’ve gotten deep once or twice
    • Not yet
    • He’s a totally closed book
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    Does he SAY I love you?

    • It’s about the only thing he does say!
    • I feel like it’s on the tip of his tongue
    • Nope…
    • I don’t believe him! It sounds so fake!