Is Your Ex Over You Quiz? Take This Quiz, And You’ll Know!

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    You noticed them while you were out. How did they look?

    • Pretty darn unhappy
    • A little sad
    • Normal
    • They were skipping down the street
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    Are they posting much on social media?

    • Yes, but only sad stuff
    • The same as usual
    • No
    • Yes, of them partying and hooking up
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    Have they been in touch with you?

    • Yeah, quite a few times
    • Once or twice
    • Not yet
    • They won’t reply to me
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    Have they gotten the stuff they left at your place?

    • Yes, they’ve been a few times to pick stuff up
    • No, but they said they want to come by
    • Not yet, they keep bailing
    • They don’t want it anymore
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    Have you heard from his friends since it ended?

    • They said they were so sorry, and they can’t believe we broke up
    • They’ve been pretty supportive
    • They’ve barely spoken to me
    • They won’t reply to me
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    Was your relationship good while it lasted?

    • The best!
    • They treated me well
    • It could have been better
    • It was pretty toxic
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    Has your ex been in touch with your friends?

    • Yeah, they’ve definitely spoken a few times
    • I think they might have spoken
    • Not that I know of
    • No, they hated my friends
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    It was a special occasion recently. Did they get in touch with you?

    • Yeah! It was good to hear from them
    • Yeah, they sent a quick text
    • No
    • Only to be a jerk about it
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    What was the last thing they said to you during the breakup?

    • I’m sorry, I wish it didn’t have to be like this
    • It’s not you, it’s me
    • It’s not me, it’s you
    • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
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    Have they said they miss you yet?

    • A few times!
    • Once
    • I think they were about to say it this one time…
    • Nope