How to know if your in love quiz

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    Do you think about your significant other at least once a day?

    • They’re always on my mind
    • Sometimes
    • When I have time
    • Depends on my mood
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    Meeting your partner has changed your life for the better?

    • I’m proud of who I am
    • I think so
    • No difference
    • If he doesn’t make me angry
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    How often do you go on dates?

    • At least once a week
    • Once in a while
    • When he has time
    • When we got extra money
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    Do you ever get bored of them?

    • They’re not boring at all
    • If we spend too much time together
    • We don’t have a lot to say
    • I enjoy the company
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    Do you let things slide when you’ll argue?

    • No, we talk things through
    • Sometimes I let things slide
    • No point in arguing
    • I avoid arguments
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    Are you completely over any past ex relationships?

    • Yes. I don’t think about exes
    • I’m mostly
    • No, but they are better
    • Everyone says we are perfect together
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    Do you see them in your future?

    • Together forever
    • Possibly
    • Not yet
    • Haven’t thought that far yet
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    How well do you know him?

    • I know the person he wants to be
    • Not sure, ask me a question
    • I like them mysterious
    • I’m still getting to know him
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    Would you move in with your partner?

    • I already have
    • Yes I’m thinking of it
    • Not sure
    • No, too fast
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    How often do you tell each other you love one another?

    • As much as we can
    • A few times a week
    • Depends on my mood
    • We haven’t said it to each other