Are They Right for You? How You Know You’ve Found the One

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    How long have you known them?

    • Just met
    • Under 6 months
    • For over a year
    • Over 3 years
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    How often do you communicate?

    • Weekends
    • At least 3 times a week
    • At least 3 times a day
    • As much as we can.
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    Can you see a future with them?

    • Not sure
    • Sometimes
    • Of course
    • Can’t see it without them.
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    How often do you’ll argue?

    • All the time
    • Sometimes
    • Never
    • We try not to go that far
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    Do you get bored of him?

    • Sometimes
    • rarely
    • Never
    • We are constantly evolving
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    Does he make you want to be a better person?

    • Rarely
    • Sometimes
    • All of the time
    • Isn’t that the goal
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    How comfortable are you around him?

    • Not yet
    • Somewhat
    • I tell them everything
    • They are my best friend
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    Does he cheer you up when no one can?

    • Not really he makes it worst
    • He doesn’t bother
    • Sometimes yea
    • Always cheers me
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    Does he know your birth date?

    • No
    • I’m not sure if he knows
    • Yes he remembers it
    • It’s our favorite day!
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    Has either of you walked out on each other during an argument?

    • Don’t know yet
    • Rarely
    • Never
    • We talk things out
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    Do know each other’s families?

    • Not Yet
    • On social media
    • Yes
    • We hangout
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    Are you his priority before work and friends?

    • No I’m not
    • Don’t know
    • Yes I’m his priority
    • Yes, but he is my priority too
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    Is your significant other always there when you need them the most?

    • No he isn’t
    • Rarely as he’s busy with his routine life
    • Sometimes he is but not always
    • Often cause we’re one
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    How do you all treat each other’s pets?

    • Don’t know them or don’t have them
    • I see pictures
    • Like my own
    • They love me more
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    Do you’ll push each other to follow any dreams or desires?

    • No we don’t
    • Sometimes i think
    • Often we inspire each other
    • That’s the point of a relationship
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    Do you see them raising future kids or pets?

    • No we do not
    • Not yet
    • Yes we’re clear on this
    • Can’t wait!
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    Do you’ll share healthy habits such as gym, food, or other activities?

    • No we’re lazy
    • We Don’t have time for such activities
    • Sometimes we do go
    • Very often
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    Can you ignore your partner when they are down?

    • Doesn’t affect me
    • Sometimes i do ignore
    • No I have to help them
    • I know how to make them happy
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    Can you sense their energy?

    • What is that
    • Sometimes yes i can feel it
    • Yes all the time
    • It’s like we are one!
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    How often do you share quality time together?

    • Rarely as never have time for each other
    • Sometimes we make time for each other
    • Often as we like each others company
    • Every chance we get