Up To 99.99% Accurate Human Feeling Quiz

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    If you could choose one of these things to do right now, what would you choose?

    • Meet new friends
    • Visit the animal shelter
    • Curl up under a blanket and listen to music
    • Catch up with my old friends
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    Which of the events below resonate with your life?

    • I once entered a random stranger’s party, and that’s how I met my best friends now.
    • I host a family dinner at my place every month.
    • I went to meet my favorite author at a book signing and fainted due to the stress.
    • I made a scrapbook with pictures of all my high school friends and sent it to them.
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    Are you someone who catches feelings quickly?

    • You could say that
    • Yes. I am always looking for love
    • Maybe. But I get scared easily.
    • Not really. I’m not looking for anything right now
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    What would be your response if a stranger walked up to you on the streets?

    • I’ll say hi
    • I’ll try to make conversation
    • I don’t like it
    • I don’t want to make new friends
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    Are you intrigued by things beyond the understanding of humans?

    • Not really. Beyond books and movies, I like my feet planted in reality
    • Yes. I love learning about the mysteries of the world
    • I’m more of a realist
    • I want a time machine
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    Which is the one place you want to visit in your lifetime?

    • Anywhere as long as I have company
    • Paris, the city of love!
    • Anywhere close to home
    • Back to my old neighborhood
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    Do you think that you are an intellectual person?

    • Not really. But I like learning
    • I could be
    • Not really. There’s too much stress in learning about new things
    • Not at all
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    What is your go-to drink on a day out?

    • I’m a hot coffee and biscuits kind of person
    • Anything with citrus
    • I don’t even go out
    • Kool-aid and Capri sun.
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    What do you think of time travel?

    • Use your imagination to go back in time
    • It only happens in movies
    • I don’t think that’s possible at all
    • I want to build a time machine
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    What is a toxic trait of yours?

    • Repressing my feelings
    • Falling in love too easily
    • Worrying about everything
    • I’m stuck in the past
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    What do you want to change?

    • I want to show my feelings more
    • I hope I could be less gullible
    • I want to be free of stress
    • I hope I can be more spontaneous
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    Are you a sociable individual?

    • Yes. But not every day
    • For sure. 100%
    • I am the least friendly person
    • Not at all
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    If you could say anything to anyone, whom would you choose to say it to?

    • My family and friends, of course
    • To the whole world
    • To myself
    • To my childhood friends. I miss them
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    What is the first thing that catches your eye when you meet a new person?

    • The smile on their faces
    • Their personality
    • Their weird habits
    • How they carry themselves
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    What kind of aesthetic are you most into?

    • I like cottage core
    • Everything to do with bright colors
    • Dark academia is more my vibe
    • The Y2K aesthetic speaks to me
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    Which among these statements is something you say?

    • Do you want to talk about it?
    • Spread love
    • Please leave me alone
    • Take me back
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    What kind of pet do you want?

    • Dogs for sure
    • Doesn’t matter. I love all animals
    • I’m a cat person, I think
    • I’ve only had this one dog since I was a kid. I can’t deal with the heartbreak.
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    Are you a good secret keeper?

    • I believe so
    • I am trustworthy
    • No. I wouldn’t say I like keeping secrets
    • I can be, but I’m not interested in knowing them
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    What music genre id your favorite?

    • Indie pop
    • Anything on the top 100 list
    • The underrated musicians
    • Old rock
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    Do you believe that people are inherently good?

    • Yes I do
    • Of course. Everyone has goodness in their heart
    • I have trust issues
    • Not really