Love Language Test for Couples – The Ultimate Key to Your Relationship

  • Question of

    If your partner compliments you a lot, you think:

    • ‘I can live with the compliment for months.’
    • ‘I’d rather want to spend some time alone together. Words aren’t my cup of tea.’
    • ‘Compliment sounds great; however, I love it if some gift follows it up.’
    • ‘Sure, as long as it has got a kiss or at least a cuddle.’
    • ‘How about giving me a compliment dish.’
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    What makes you feel loved after waking up in the morning?

    • When someone says, ‘I love you.’
    • If someone brings breakfast to your bed
    • A nice cuddle and a kiss
    • Looking at your eyes with emotion and care
    • Takes you to a nice morning walk, holding your hand
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    What do you expect from your partner after getting a promotion in your job?

    • I want them to admire me
    • Take me out for a dinner
    • Expect them to arrange a party for me
    • Want them to brag about my promotion to their friends and family
    • Hug me tight and kiss me on my forehead, cheek, and lips
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    You’re feeling low; you’d want your partner to?

    • Say, ‘Things will get better soon; I believe in you.’
    • Spend a nice evening with you
    • Take you out to a relaxing and calm place
    • Embrace you in their arms
    • Listen to you over a cup of coffee
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    You don’t like it when your partner

    • Disagrees with you or criticizes something you do
    • Is thinking only about materialistic stuff
    • Never takes you out to a date
    • Doesn’t cuddle you while they enter the house or leaves it
    • Doesn’t get you a gift even after a month
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    That one thing that makes your heart beat faster?

    • If your partner mails you a love letter
    • Prepares your favorite dish
    • Buying you something you want
    • Invites you to be intimate with them
    • When your partner gives their hand to help you
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    That one thing that breaks your heart?

    • When they break their promise
    • When they refuse to be kissed or hugged
    • If they say ‘Can’t do it now on your face if you tell them to do a work
    • Gives you money but ignores you, saying, ‘Get the stuff by yourself.’
    • If they lie to you
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    Things you do to show your love to your partner?

    • Tell them that you love them and let them know they’re important
    • Take them out to a beautiful place
    • Give them a surprise present
    • You keep on kissing slowly
    • Help them in their work
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    You and your partner are in public. You’d want them to?

    • Say out loud how they love you
    • Give you a flower in front of people
    • Takes you by their arms and keep on walking
    • Keep it formal. You don’t want your love life to be public
    • Grab your bags and things for you
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    What do you do when your partner is not home?

    • You call your friends to your house
    • Go somewhere calm and quiet
    • Order a pizza and finish it over a movie
    • Miss them and tell them to come home fast
    • Carry out their unfinished work to give them a surprise
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    Your favorite weekend with your mate?

    • Throwing a party at your house
    • Complete housework like a team
    • Watching a movie with them while hugging
    • Going to a posh restaurant for dinner
    • Have a special romantic night with them
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    You more like making love to your partner when he/she;

    • Whispers you’re desirable, and they want you
    • Wears something sexy in front of you
    • Has been showing your love and affection all day long
    • Has been very attentive to you the whole day
    • Holds you in their arms and watches the moon