Personal Finance Quiz: Find out your Money Personality

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    You receive a salary raise. What is the first thing you do with the money?

    • Pay off some debts and invest the rest
    • Put all the money in my fixed deposit
    • Go shopping and party hard
    • Donate to a charity
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    In the next five years, how do you view your financial status?

    • I plan on multiplying my earnings and make as much money as I possibly could
    • Save most of my earnings and secure my old age
    • I see myself having enough money to spend on all the things I ever wanted
    • I want to donate the excess money after fulfilling all basic requirements
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    You are out with your friends for dinner, and the bill arrives. What would you do?

    • I decide we should all pay according to what we ate
    • I usually split the bill equally among the group
    • The bill is on me. It’s a treat for our beautiful friendship.
    • If someone offers to pay for me, I would let them and be grateful
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    What’s the grocery shopping scene like for you?

    • I only decide what I want to buy once I reach the store
    • I come up with a shopping list within a budget
    • I don’t do grocery shopping. I love eating out.
    • I make sure to run through the store looking for discounts
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    In case of a financial emergency, what would you do?

    • I will turn to my market fund savings
    • I have enough savings in my bank account for such emergencies. No worries!
    • I can’t have an answer to that because I rarely save for the future.
    • I will call up a friend or family member and request a loan
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    Where do you usually keep all your financial records and receipts?

    • My financial records are extremely important. I even keep an electronic backup.
    • I collect all my bank transactions and monthly receipts in a hardcopy.
    • I don’t care about storing the receipts, as long as I get to shop!
    • I’m not sure what you’re talking about.
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    How do you mostly spend money?

    • I have no problem spending money as long as I get to invest some.
    • Spending money makes me nervous. I’d rather save it.
    • I spend all my earnings on my loved ones and me.
    • I only spend on basic requirements. The remaining money goes to charity or other social investments.
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    What are your thoughts on borrowing money?

    • I don’t mind borrowing money with an aim to make more money, but borrowing is usually my last resort.
    • My savings have always got my back! I rarely borrow any.
    • I often borrow from friends and family when my paycheck doesn’t meet my requirements.
    • I don’t like being in debt. Apart from absolute emergencies, I don’t think I will ever borrow money.
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    If you won a lottery of $1 million, what would be your first reaction?

    • Start planning about multiplying the money
    • Feel extremely secured about my future
    • Every day will be a vacation for me. And of course, I’ll buy all the things I ever wanted.
    • After saving a good amount for my living, I will donate it for a good cause.
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    Where do you usually shop for personal items like clothes, shoes, etc.?

    • Online
    • Both online or stores, wherever there is a sale
    • At boutiques and supermarkets
    • Thrift shops
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    You found something you really liked, that too on sale! But it’s not included in your budget. What would you most possibly do?

    • If it’s more of a need than a want, I will probably cash out from my side savings and buy.
    • I will have a hard time deciding whether or not I should get it. Or, maybe I might even try to balance out the monthly budget.
    • If it’s something that makes me happy, I’ll definitely get it!
    • I mostly spend my money on inexpensive and basic things. Hence, if it is affordable, I’ll buy them.
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    Your friend’s birthday is around the corner. What do you plan on buying him?

    • A gift card sounds nice
    • Something hand-made and personal
    • An expensive item from his wish list
    • A plant. It’s the thought that counts!
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    Do you worry about how you would provide for your future?

    • No. I plan and work in the present to have sufficient money in the future. So, it will be fine.
    • Not really. I have been saving consistently to secure my future.
    • Live in the moment. The future will take care of itself.
    • I’d rather think about how I can help people in the future.
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    What does money mean to you?

    • Power and freedom
    • Security
    • The key to happiness
    • Greed and corruption
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    When was the last time you bought something from your wish list?

    • About a week ago
    • Maybe about a month ago
    • This week
    • I don’t even remember having a wish list
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    What would you typically bring to a dinner party?

    • Books
    • Some flowers or a card
    • A Box of Pizza
    • Hand-made dishes
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    You would most probably apply for a bank loan for which of the following reasons:

    • To invest in a business
    • No loans. Only savings!
    • Visit my dream holiday destination.
    • Pay some small debts I might have or invest in a socially beneficial project
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    Do you discuss your financial status with people?

    • Yes, mostly with financial advisors.
    • I plan a lot about my savings with my partner/ family.
    • By financial status, do you mean discussing my bills on shopping and food? Then yes!
    • Not really.
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    What is your biggest financial battle?

    • Torn between spending and investing
    • Sometimes, I may compromise even with my needs while sticking to a strict budget
    • I spend a lot
    • I don’t really have one.
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    If you were to lose all your money, how would you react?

    • My money is in the form of stocks. Is that included?
    • I would be devastated if I lost all my savings.
    • Does that mean I’ll never get to go shopping again? What a bummer!
    • It wouldn’t make much of a difference for me.