Personal Training Quiz: Do You Need to Get Yourself A Personal Trainer?

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    Is this your first time trying to get into shape?

    • Yes 🙂
    • I’ve tried once or twice before
    • I’ve tried a lot
    • I don’t want to talk about it!
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    Are your friends supportive?

    • They’re super supportive!
    • They’re pretty helpful
    • A little, I guess…
    • They don’t care
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    How creative are you in the kitchen?

    • I’m awaiting my Michelin Star as we speak
    • I can throw something pretty neat together in a pinch
    • Beans on toast counts as creative, right?
    • Who needs a kitchen when you have so many takeout to choose from?
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    After going for a run, the first thing you think is…

    • Maybe I should do that again!
    • I think I’ve earned that slice of pizza
    • Can I die now, please?
    • Is that the thing that’s like walking, but faster?
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    How often do you go to the gym?

    • Enough that people like to refer to me as a ‘rat’
    • I try to hit the gym at least once a week
    • I’ve been thinking about it…
    • What is this ‘gym’ of which you speak?
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    Are you getting into shape alone?

    • My friends can’t wait to do this together!
    • There’s been talk about getting a group going
    • I might be able to rope someone else into it
    • I’m going solo
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    What’s your take on cheat days?

    • If I’m going to cheat then what’s the point?
    • There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself!
    • I prefer a cheat weekend. A LONG weekend
    • Can’t every day be a cheat day?
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    Do you ever play sports?

    • As often as possible!
    • I try to make an effort
    • If someone else begs me to go
    • How dare you say that word in my presence
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    Do you find it easy to plan and structure your life?

    • I have time set aside for everything
    • I play it loose occasionally
    • I feel there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done
    • Why? Am I supposed to do that?
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    When you set an alarm for the morning, does it get you up?

    • I wake up before my alarm. It’s my superpower
    • Usually, but I do love a snooze every now and then
    • Just 5 more minutes…
    • I didn’t hear it, boss! I swear!