The Ultimate Picky Eater Test

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    Is your diet different from that of the rest of the family?

    • Nope it isn’t
    • Maybe on few occasions
    • Yes always different
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    Must one or more of your foods be a specific brand or well prepared; otherwise, you will refuse to eat them?

    • No i eat everything
    • It depends on my mood
    • Yea i’ll starve but won’t eat it
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    When ordering a burger/sandwich, are you specific about its ingredients?

    • Not really I like to experiment
    • Depends on the restaurant
    • Of course why wouldn’t I be
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    Will you enjoy your favorite meal if it came in contact with a type of food that you usually dislike?

    • Yes why not
    • Maybe if it’s not been contaminated
    • Hell No I won’t
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    Do you remove lettuce from your burger if you dislike its shade of green?

    • Haha No
    • I admit do remove at times
    • All the time i hate it
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    Do you try new types of food or new cuisines regularly?

    • I live to eat yes
    • While travelling
    • Why would i risk my health so NO
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    Do you consume less than ten different foods?

    • 10 i think i consume more than 100
    • I think around 10 – 20
    • 5 or less for me
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    Do you ever seem interested in eating or seem to have no appetite whatsoever?

    • Post my lunch/dinner lol
    • If i’m sick
    • Most of the times
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    Are you picky about the food you eat because you have allergies?

    • No
    • ,Maybe
    • Yes
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    Do you like one food texture compared with another, like crispy or soft?

    • Umm i’m fine with all food texture
    • At times yes
    • Always need the perfect texture