Quiz for Best Friends: Have You Already Found Your Soulmate?

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    Do You Know Any of Your Best Pal’s Secrets?

    • I know all of their secrets, and I’ll take them with me to the grave
    • I know some of their secrets
    • I don’t know
    • No, we don’t tell each other secrets
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    How Often Do You Talk to Your Bestie over the Phone/Skype?

    • We don’t need to talk over the phone. We’re literally together all the time.
    • We talk at least once a day.
    • We talk over the phone a few times per week.
    • Wait, people still talk over the phone these days?
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    How Long Have You Known Each Other?

    • We were raised together.
    • I’ve known my best friend since primary school.
    • We’ve known each other for a few years.
    • We met a few months back.
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    Do You Know Your Bestie’s Type in Men/Women?

    • YES! Basically, I’m the one who chooses their partner.
    • I think I do, though I can be wrong sometimes.
    • Not really.
    • How would I know such a detail?
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    Do You Complete Each Other Sentences?

    • ALL. THE. TIME.
    • Sometimes
    • Nah
    • They’re my best friend, not my partner.
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    Do You Know What Your Best Friend’s Favorite Food Is?

    • Yep
    • It’s something Italian
    • I believe it’s something that has tomatoes in it
    • Well, I’m not their chef, am I?
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    Have You Met Your Bestie’s Family?

    • I basically live in their house
    • Of course, I did
    • I’ve met their siblings
    • I haven’t met them yet
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    Do You Know What Kind of Music They Like to Listen To?

    • Of course. We play the same beats together.
    • I do, but my taste in music is superior, to be honest.
    • I don’t know; we don’t talk about music.
    • No
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    Do You Have Some Embarrassing Photos of Your Friend?

    • My phone is full of them *evil laughter* (but so is theirs)
    • Yes, I do have some.
    • Just some funny pictures, not really embarrassing ones.
    • Why would I?
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    Do You Know When Their Birthday Is?

    • I’m the one who reminds them of their birthday.
    • I do
    • I know the month, but not sure about the day.
    • Nah

Written by Siddhesh Jain

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