Am I Ready For A Cat? Should I Get A Cat? Find Out Here!

  • Question of

    Are you working?

    • Yeah
    • Kind of
    • Not really
    • Nope
  • Question of

    Where do you live?

    • Apartment
    • With my parents. Moving out soon
    • Alone
    • With my parents/friends (not moving out any time soon)
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    You come home after a long day at work only to find cat litter all over your couch. How would you react?

    • Take a rest first, and then get the vacuum cleaner
    • Enroll my cat in a cat training program, lol
    • Wish I never had a cat
    • Scream, get mad
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    Are you okay with being covered in cat fur?

    • Totally
    • Just not when I’m heading out
    • Nope
    • Ew, gross!
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    Will you be able to feed your pets on time?

    • Of course. I’ll buy an automatic cat feeder
    • Yes, I’ll keep reminders
    • Maybe
    • Nope, I’m way too busy
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    When it comes to pets, what kind of a personality are you looking for?

    • Friendly/ something that would curl up and sleep on my lap
    • Self-cleaning pet. Lol
    • Energetic/outgoing/playful
    • I haven’t thought about it
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    What’s that one thing that’s not acceptable to you as a pet parent?

    • A hyperactive pet
    • Dirty pet
    • Skittishness
    • Spontaneity
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    Be honest, would you be furious if Kitty shredded your favorite curtains?

    • I would be hurt. But I wouldn’t take it out on my cat
    • I can’t say
    • That’s why I don’t want a cat
    • Yes, definitely.
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    Do you own any cats currently?

    • Nope. So I really want one
    • No, but my neighbors do
    • Nope, but I do have two giant dogs
    • Nope, and not planning to own one
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    What’s your take on commitment?

    • Something that you can master with time and efforts
    • It can be overwhelming sometimes, but nothing I can’t do
    • Quite easy for me
    • Something I have a difficult time with