Becoming a Banker? Should I Major in Finance Quiz?

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    How well do you manage your money?

    • I save my money and invest it when I should
    • I usually make good decisions but my judgement can sometimes get clouded
    • I think my money management skills are average
    • I’m terrible at dealing with money
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    When did you get your first bank account?

    • When I was a child
    • When I was a teenager
    • When I was an adult
    • I still don’t have a bank account
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    Do you know the difference between credit and debit?

    • Yes, and I can explain all of the details
    • I have a pretty good idea of the difference
    • I just know the functional differences but none of the theoretical reasons behind them
    • No, I don’t know the difference
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    How good is your credit score?

    • I have excellent credit
    • My credit is good
    • My credit is average
    • My credit is poor
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    What do you know about stockbrokers?

    • They tend to use advanced strategies like shorting and dollar-cost averaging to outpace the competition.
    • They trade stocks on exchanges like the NYSE and the TSX for a living.
    • They broker stocks?
    • I don’t know what they do
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    What is the Federal Reserve?

    • The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States, presided over by a chairman.
    • The Federal Reserve is responsible for printing the money that we use on a daily basis
    • I think the Federal Reserve is a bank or something
    • I have no idea
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    Did your parents teach you how to handle money?

    • My parents gave me all of their investment strategies and taught me how to handle money from a young age
    • My parents typically handled all of the finances, but they explained a few key details to me
    • My parents helped me open my first bank account
    • My parents never taught me how to manage money
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    You just got your paycheck; what do you do?

    • Deposit at least a third of it into my savings account, use some for expenses, and save the rest as spending money.
    • Handle my bills and put the rest into my checking account.
    • Pay rent and then go buy whatever I want.
    • Spend it all on expensive shoes
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    Are you interested in how money works?

    • It’s my purpose for existing
    • It seems like a pretty interesting concept
    • Not really
    • No, I just spend money, I don’t understand it
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    How good are your grades?

    • I have excellent grades
    • I have pretty decent grades
    • I have average grades
    • I have bad grades
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    What’s your take on money?

    • The more the money, the higher the economy of a country
    • Money is something you earn to spend/save
    • Money is a basic need
    • I can’t define it
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    Should you save money for the rainy days?

    • Yes, definitely.
    • Yeah, but don’t forget to enjoy the present too!
    • I’m not sure about it.
    • Honestly, I don’t believe in saving money.
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    Which goal resonates with you most?

    • Making tons of money
    • Having a respectable job, preferably in the corporate sector
    • Becoming the best in whatever career path I choose
    • Do something good for the needy
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    What was your favorite subject in school?

    • Math
    • Physics
    • Social Sciences
    • English
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    Do you have any money in your savings account?

    • Yes (Ssssh..can’t share the deets, though!)
    • I recently started saving. So, yeah, I do have some.
    • As of now, no. But I’m thinking to start saving.
    • I don’t, and I don’t intend to start anytime soon.
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    Do you wish to build soft skills or quantitative skills?

    • Quantitative skills, any day!
    • Both
    • Can’t say
    • Soft skills
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    What kind of profession would you prefer?

    • Banker/Accountant/Cashier
    • Financial Advisor/Insurance agent/Something to do with the Stock Market
    • Something to do with business
    • Customer Service Industry/Management/Human Resource
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    Have you ever heard of Simple Interest and Compound Interest?

    • Yes, I could define them if you want.
    • I know one of them.
    • I’ve heard it before but don’t know what it is about.
    • Those terms are alien to me.
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    Your friend is in a financial mess – what would you advise them?

    • Save, save, and save for the future!
    • Give them some money managerial tips.
    • I’d seek advice from an expert first before talking to them.
    • I’m in need of financial advice myself.
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    What do you do on payday?

    • Make a monthly budget
    • Pay the bills first
    • Spend on my needs
    • Shop, eat and have fun