STOP! Take This Who Am I Quiz to Finally Find Yourself!

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    I know this is a weird question, but what’s your favorite color?

    • Yellow or orange (or red)
    • Blue or green
    • All colors are equal to me
    • Fruit salad
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    Why are you taking this quiz?

    • Because it’s fun
    • Just to pass the time on my break before getting back to work/homework
    • Just to see what I get
    • I don’t know, really
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    What’s your favorite natural element?

    • Earth
    • Fire
    • Water or air
    • What’s a natural element?
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    What are you most likely to say at a party?

    • “I once walked into a bar with a honeycomb and a jackass…”
    • “I need to go home and sleep.”
    • “Is there any way I can help?”
    • “Where’s the bathroom?”
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    Which book would you like to read?

    • My Sister, the Serial Killer
    • A Brief History of Time
    • A Sick Day for Amos McGee
    • Who Cares About Elderly People? (just research purposes)
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    If you were MLK Jr., what would your dream be?

    • A world of bright smiles and happy laughs!
    • A clean, sustainable planet
    • A world where we’re all friends
    • A world where you can get a free cookie whenever you want one!
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    Where would you go on graduation day?

    • A stand-up comedy show
    • An opera concert
    • An amusement park
    • The zoo!
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    What do your friends think of you?

    • Funny
    • Smart
    • Loyal and kind
    • Random
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    Who were/are you at school?

    • The class clown (aka the funny guy)
    • The smart nerd
    • The popular kid
    • Okay, okay, I was an attention-seeking weirdo. Are you happy?
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    What’s your favorite YouTube channel?

    • Key and Peele
    • V Sauce
    • Practice Kindness
    • TomSka
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    Which of these songs do you like the most?

    • The Duck Song
    • The Interstellar Theme Song
    • Any charity song, really
    • “Weird Al” Yankovic – White & Nerdy
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    Which qualities do you want in your dream girlfriend/boyfriend?

    • Funny, sporty, and rebellious
    • Mature and intelligent
    • I want them to love me as much as I love them
    • They have to keep up with my weird tastes
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    Where would you spend an ideal holiday?

    • Ibiza
    • Germany
    • Canada
    • Under a rock
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    What would your favorite piece of clothing be?

    • Pajamas with a bear pattern
    • A plain yet stylish suit
    • Anything would do. I don’t pick favorites.
    • My birthday suit
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    What do you think of yourself?

    • Funny
    • Smart
    • I don’t think about myself, to be honest
    • AMAZING!
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    What annoys you the most?

    • Boring people
    • Boring books
    • Carbon emissions
    • Believe it or not, but nothing annoys me!
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    Which pet would you like to have?

    • A monkey
    • A cat
    • A dog
    • A unicorn
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    What do you do before hitting the sack?

    • I browse Reddit
    • I read a book
    • I check on my grandparents on the phone
    • Uhm, I brush my teeth?
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    Which topic would you bring up during a family dinner?

    • Just some random jokes
    • What’s the purpose of life?
    • Global warming
    • If you eat your hand, would that be considered cannibalism?
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    What’s your favorite movie genre?

    • Comedy
    • Science Fiction
    • Drama
    • I like all genres, to be honest