The Office Trivia: Can You Score 100% and Beat Michael Scott?

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    In the first season of The Office, Michael pretended to fire Pam over a stupid reason. What was it?

    • Stealing post-it notes
    • Ignoring his calls
    • Forgetting her contact lenses
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    What sandwich does Jim make for Pam in “The Client” episode?

    • Grilled cheese sandwich
    • Nutella Baked
    • Peanut butter and jelly
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    Pam loves yogurt. What’s her favorite flavor?

    • Blueberry
    • Mixed berry
    • Strawberry
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    “I thought _______ was a boy’s name,” Kevin

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    Which character started the fire in the break room in the second season?

    • Kevin
    • Michael
    • Ryan
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    What’s Phyliss’s maiden name?

    • Vance Refrigeration
    • Austin
    • Lapin
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    Who’s the head of the Party Planning Committee?

    • Angela
    • Oscar
    • Phyliss
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    What did Kevin buy himself when he got himself for Secret Santa?

    • A cake
    • A foot bath
    • A big bag of M&M’s
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    In which season does Erin join The Office?

    • Season 3
    • Season 6
    • Season 9
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    On the first day of the Michael Scott Paper Company, Michael made breakfast for him and Pam. What did he make?

    • French Toast
    • Waffles
    • Pancakes
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    What was Michael’s task in Phyliss’s wedding?

    • Pushing her father down the aisle in his wheelchair
    • Giving an emotional speech
    • Singing
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    Why does Creed follow Michael’s nephew on Twitter?

    • Because he always talks about Betty White
    • Because he posts pictures of Betty White
    • Because he doesn’t talk about Betty White
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    What acronym does Creed come up with when he becomes the interim regional manager?

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    “_______, your teeth called. Your breath stinks. Boom roasted,” Michael Scott

    • Angela
    • Creed
    • Stanley
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    What clothing brand did Michael wear when he accidentally wore one of Jan’s suits?

    • MISStery
    • MISSsterious
    • MISSter Suits
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    What type of farm does Dwight own?

    • Carrot farm
    • Beet farm
    • Beetle farm
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    When Dwight became the interim regional manager in the seventh season, he got a gun holster. What did Kevin suggest Dwight put in the holster?

    • A nerf gun
    • A banana
    • His cell phone
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    What does Michael Scott drink every morning?

    • Black coffee
    • Beer
    • Milk and sugar
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    How long were Pam and Roy engaged?

    • Three to four years
    • Six years
    • Three months
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    Ryan When he was young, Michael lived with a foreign exchange student. When that student went back to Yugoslavia, he took something from Michael. What was it?

    • All of his jeans
    • All of his shoes
    • All of his shirts