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    Are you fit?

    • Of course, I am. I’m basically a cheetah in a human body!
    • Sports are my strongest suit!
    • I think my shape is not bad
    • I can go from my couch to my fridge and vice versa. Does that count?
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    In what kind of relationship are you interested?

    • I’m a one-lady/one-guy for life kind of person
    • One-night stands, of course!
    • I prefer short-term relationships that don’t come with any commitments
    • I’m in a never-ending journey towards finding my soulmate
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    What’s your favorite transportation medium?

    • Car
    • Train
    • Plane
    • Bike
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    What’s your favorite destination when you’re shopping?

    • The playground
    • Anywhere where milk is sold
    • Anywhere that has fresh veggies and fruit
    • None of the above
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    Do you like sleeping during the winter?

    • Nope, I’d rather wake up early and be productive!
    • What difference does it make which whether it is when it comes to sleep?
    • Yes, sleeping makes sense only in winter
    • I like falling asleep regardless of the season
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    How do you respond when your friends call you to hang out in the evening?

    • When and where?
    • Friends? Is that a new species?
    • Sorry, but I’d rather spend time with my family
    • I prefer staying home and eating
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    Are you a night owl or an early bird?

    • Early bird
    • Night owl
    • I have no wings
    • Both. I’m a 247 hunter (for love and affection, that is)
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    How many hours do you spend studying or working every day?

    • As many as I can
    • No
    • From 6 to 12 hours
    • I’d rather spend the day procrastinating
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    Do you like giving orders?

    • I don’t mind giving orders or receiving them
    • Abso-meow-tely!
    • Nope, that’s not my thing
    • Only when it’s necessary
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    Has anyone ever described you as adorable or cute?

    • All the time!
    • Yes, but only when I’m in a good mood
    • Nope. I’m not around people that much to be called adorable or cute
    • Why would anyone describe me as cute?
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    What do you usually do after finishing your dinner?

    • Play with my siblings/kids
    • Read a book
    • Go for a walk (or a climb)
    • Play video games
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    What do you do when facing a problem?

    • I ask for help
    • I face it head-on
    • I rely on others to take care of it
    • I never have problems
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    Do you prefer having company or being alone?

    • I’m at my best when I’m around people
    • I don’t mind company, but I prefer being alone
    • I hate people
    • I don’t mind either way
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    How long does it take for you to get used to a new environment when you move to a new location?

    • If I’m living with the same people, around a day or two
    • A few days
    • A few weeks
    • At least a couple of months
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    Do you sleep well at night?

    • Just alright, I guess?
    • Meh. Average sleep.
    • Yes! I love sleeping!
    • I don’t sleep well, unfortunately
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    How lively are you at group gatherings?

    • I prefer conquering the bathroom and using my phone, to be honest
    • Depends on the situation, really
    • I don’t do the group gathering thingy
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    How talkative are you?

    • If someone is willing to listen, I don’t stop talking!
    • Nah, I prefer to keep to myself
    • I’m a good listener. Does that count?
    • Just an average talker, I guess?
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    How daring are you?

    • I err on the safe side
    • Dares aren’t my thing. Just like people.
    • I’m an incredibly daring person who loves trying new stuff all the time!
    • I’d say I’m an average joe when it comes to daring and new experiences.
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    Do you have a big temper?

    • Nah, I’m chill most of the time
    • Depends on my mood
    • I can manage my emotions reasonably well
    • Yes, I get mad easily
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    Are you a shy person?

    • Nope, I love meeting and knowing new people!
    • Nah, but I’d rather keep to myself
    • Pretty much, yeah
    • You can’t be shy if you don’t even get near other people
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    How do you imagine your ideal birthday party?

    • Having fun with all of my friends!
    • Sleeping early
    • Eating a lot of cake!
    • Playing monopoly with my grandpa
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    What’s your favorite part of school?

    • Meeting my friends!
    • Drama lessons, of course
    • Getting back home after school
    • I love numbers and equations, so maths and physics
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    Where do you want to go on holiday?

    • Disneyland, where I can have fun with my friends!
    • Somewhere where I can just relax and read my books without anyone interrupting
    • Probably a yacht south of France
    • Do I really need to leave the house for this?
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    What would you do if a friend of yours is having a problem using a photocopier?

    • I try to help, of course!
    • I turn a blind eye and keep doing my job
    • I let everyone know
    • I ask others for help because I also don’t know how to use a photocopier
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    Pick a color:

    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Brown
    • White
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    What do you usually do when you’re upset?

    • I call my best friend
    • I sleep
    • I raise my voice
    • I close my eyes and hope that my problems will magically disappear
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    What’s your favorite meal?

    • Dog food – um, I mean, cookies!
    • Milk
    • Spinach
    • A healthy salad
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    How do your friends describe you?

    • Adorable
    • Smart
    • Lazy
    • Shy
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    Where would you like to live?

    • In a tree house
    • Anywhere far from people
    • In a cabin
    • In a bunker
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    What’s your greatest quality?

    • I’m always there for my friends
    • I’m a hard worker
    • I try to help whenever I can
    • I always stay away from trouble
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    How do you study/work best?

    • When I’m in a group of equally motivated people
    • When I’m alone
    • With a partner
    • Study? Work? Are those new eating styles?
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    Which pet do you have/want to have?

    • A dog
    • A cat
    • A Koala
    • A hedgehog
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    What’s your dream job?

    • A waiter/waitress, because I can meet a lot of new friends
    • A mattress tester, because I get to relax and sleep most of the time
    • A park ranger
    • An architect
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    How do you relax after a long day of work or solving quizzes?

    • I spend a few hours talking to my bestie on the phone
    • I just head straight to bed
    • I do more quizzes/work, of course!
    • I prepare myself a cute mug of hot chocolate and chill on the couch
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    What would you wish for if a genie was to grant you one wish?

    • World peace, of course!
    • An unlimited supply of milk and treats
    • A Lambo, probably
    • Genies aren’t real, dummy!