What Exercise Should I Do Today?

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    Have you had a recent injury?

    • In my upper body
    • Yes, but it’s healed
    • No, it’s been a long time
    • Yes, I’m still in pain
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    How old are you?

    • 18-21
    • Under 18
    • Over 21
    • Over 50
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    What is your ideal body type?

    • Lean and skinny
    • Athletic
    • Big and muscular
    • I don’t care
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    What type of metabolism do you have?

    • Ectomorph
    • Mesomorph
    • Endomorph
    • Not sure
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    Which do you value the most?

    • Speed
    • Balance of speed and strength
    • Strength
    • Not getting injured
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    Do you mind sweating?

    • I love sweating
    • I don’t mind a bit of sweat
    • Only when I work hard
    • I don’t like to sweat
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    What’s your favorite sport?

    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Swimming
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    How is your diet?

    • I eat a lot of carbs
    • I have a balanced diet
    • I eat a lot of protein
    • I prefer fatty foods
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    Why are you working out?

    • To improve my endurance
    • To get fit
    • To look great
    • To reduce my chance of injury
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    Choose a beverage:

    • Gatorade
    • Water
    • Protein shake
    • Pre-workout drink

Written by Siddhesh Jain

My name is Siddhesh Jain, and I'm the fastest man alive (when it comes to learning, that is). I've been acquiring knowledge and learning new strategies for years, and I'm here to share my vast experience with you. What's my goal? Simple, I want to help every young entrepreneur succeed. Follow me on my journey!