What Is Your True Passion? Find It Out Here

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    What’s the most used app on your smartphone?

    • iTunes/YouTube/Music Player
    • A few of games
    • Camera/photo editing apps
    • Notepad
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    When it comes to current affairs, what are the kinds of news that are usually at your fingertips?

    • Entertainment news
    • Sports news
    • Anything art related
    • Social
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    Here are some tasks you need to do. Which one would make you feel the happiest?

    • Volunteering at a concert
    • Sell popcorn at a game
    • Work at a museum
    • Assist the librarian
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    What’s the best part about traveling to a new city?

    • I love the journey/ earphones in, music on, and enjoy the ride
    • An opportunity to meet new sports stars and visit popular stadiums
    • Exploring museums/attending art exhibitions/clicking pictures
    • Draw inspiration from new people and places
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    What do you usually do during free hours?

    • Listen to music/learn a new instrument/sing
    • Watch a game of football/or play one
    • Paint/visit aesthetic websites/skim through art magazines
    • Read books/Write
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    When things go wrong, what do you usually do to feel better?

    • Good music heals my soul.
    • Exercise/play a game of football, basketball, baseball, anything!
    • Paint
    • Journalism
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    You get to pick a celebrity to have lunch with. Who would you pick?

    • Taylor Swift
    • Cristiano Ronaldo
    • Alex MacLean
    • J.K. Rowling
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    You received a $1 million jackpot. What’s the first thing you’d do?

    • Get admitted to a renowned music academy
    • Buy my own stadium
    • Buy the latest DSLR camera
    • Build my own library/publish my own book
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    Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

    • On stage, performing
    • Getting selected for the National Team
    • Have my own art exhibited at a renowned museum
    • Happy and successful
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    Below, we’ve listed some statements. What would hurt you most?

    • “There’s no place for you in the showbiz industry.”
    • “You need to lose weight.”
    • “Your social media feeds are boring.”
    • “You have no imagination or creativity.”