Bake Right with This What Kind of Cake Should You Make Quiz!

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    Where would you most likely travel to?

    • Love the beach life so Hawaii
    • Who doesn’t want to go to New York?
    • I love Paris
    • Rome is a beautiful city
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    How does your typical Saturday look like?

    • I hang out with friends
    • It is a working day
    • I spend time with my family
    • I sleep in
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    Which book would you likely read from the list below?

    • Lord of the Rings
    • Harry Potter
    • Pride and prejudice
    • The Da Vinci Code
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    Which is your favorite spread on your toast?

    • Nutella any day
    • It is always avocado
    • I love peanut butter
    • Good ole’ butter
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    What was the last thing you baked?

    • Lots of chocolate chip cookies
    • An apple pie
    • A sponge cake
    • A bread
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    What is your usual hot beverage order?

    • A cappuccino for sure
    • I love my chai latte
    • Hot chocolate
    • Black coffee
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    How would your friends describe you as?

    • Funny and entertaining
    • Confident and ambitious
    • Kind and friendly
    • Independent and responsible
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    Which meal out of the following would you pick?

    • Dinners with friends
    • Brunch with my co-workers
    • Lunch with my family
    • Breakfasts are my all-time favorite
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    If your life was a movie, which genre would it be?

    • It would be a comedy genre like the Hangover
    • Definitely a fantasy with many co-characters like the Avengers
    • It will be an animated Disney movie like Moana
    • A coming-of-age nerdy movie like the Perks Of Being A Wallflower
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    Which is your greatest strength?

    • My charming personality
    • My intelligence and confidence
    • My kindness and hard-working self
    • My insightfulness and empathy