Invest Wise With What Stock Should I Buy Quiz

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    Would you say you are a risk taker?

    • Yes, a 100%.
    • To a large extent
    • To some degree
    • Not at all
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    How much knowledge do you have about the stock market?

    • I’m an expert
    • More than average
    • I know the basics
    • Nothing at the moment
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    Do you want to invest at the stock market for a long time?

    • No, I will withdraw whenever I get a good dividend
    • Depends on the gains or losses
    • Yes for sometime
    • For a long time
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    How much of your income would like to spend on stocks?

    • 80% of it
    • 50% only
    • I’m ready to shell 40%
    • I’m not sure
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    Are you scared to invest in stock market?

    • Nope, I’m too confident about investing
    • Somewhat scared
    • Should I be?
    • Quite a lot
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    What do you want from your stock investment?

    • I want to earn maximum income now. I’m fine with the risks
    • I want some money now but with a potential growth.
    • I don’t want to lose money even if that means lower gains
    • I don’t need high gains now. I’m looking for growth in the long run.
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    Have people in your circle invested in the stock market?

    • Yes, all my friends and families hold shares
    • Majority of my friends do
    • A few of them
    • A friend has
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    What is your motivation of investing in stock market?

    • To enjoy a lavish life
    • To be able to reinvest and generate more income
    • To pay my vacation bills
    • Because everyone’s doing
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    How often do you check the stocks?

    • Every morning as soon as I wake up
    • Whenever I get the time
    • Once a week
    • I don’t check
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    If you lose your entire household’s regular source of income today, how long would you survive with your non-retirement savings?

    • We’ll be okay for over a year
    • For 6 months
    • For 2-3 months
    • Less than 2 months