Bored While Self-Isolating? Here’s What to Do When Bored!

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    How do you usually spend your weekends?

    • Doing sports
    • Reading books
    • Going out with friends
    • Engaging in cultural activities
    • Netflix and chill! (alone or with your partner)
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    What do you do when you’re waiting for the bus or train at the station?

    • I hold my phone (duh!)
    • I listen to music
    • I stare at people with a creepy smile on my face!
    • I observe my surroundings
    • Well, not to brag, but I love doing pushups while waiting for my bus
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    What do you usually read when you go on holiday?

    • Read? Is that a new app?
    • I like romantic novels
    • You know those random industry magazines you find in airports?
    • Mostly thrillers
    • Obscure German graphic novels
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    With whom would you want to be when you’re bored?

    • Nobody. I like to be alone
    • Family
    • Friends
    • My partner
    • My dog, of course!
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    Do you like to travel?

    • No, no, no!
    • Not really
    • Sometimes
    • I’m impatiently waiting for flights to come back!
    • Well, it depends on with whom I’m traveling!
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    What do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night?

    • I go right back to sleep
    • I dance
    • I stare at my neighbors’ house from the window
    • I wake up my family because I can’t be awake alone
    • I drink water
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    How far do you feel like moving from your chair/bed?

    • Wait, do I have to move for this?
    • A couple of feet, tops
    • It depends
    • I don’t mind moving at all
    • I’m already moving around out of boredom
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    How long have you been online?

    • What is time?
    • It has been hours. HELP!
    • Maybe an hour or so
    • Just a couple of minutes
    • I’m not online. This is an illusion
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    Why can’t you just take a nap?

    • I don’t want to
    • Napping is for kids
    • I’m at work
    • I’m at school
    • My mind is too active for a nap
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    Pick one of the following items:

    • Key
    • Truck
    • Yoyo
    • Apple
    • Ice
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    Where do you usually head when it’s lunchtime?

    • Nowhere. I make my own food.
    • Fast food!
    • The nearest food truck
    • Wherever there are margaritas!
    • Somewhere new.
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    What do you usually do when you’re at a family reunion?

    • I hide in the bathroom and use my phone
    • I go for a walk with my cousins
    • I grab as many snacks as I can
    • I listen to the old folks’ stories
    • I don’t go to family reunions
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    Would you say you are in good shape?

    • I’m sexy and I know it!
    • I could defo lose a few
    • Nope, and I don’t even care
    • People always ask me if I’m tired for some reason
    • No complaints here
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    What’s the one item you could never live without?

    • Coffee, aka my morning jolt
    • My phone, obviously
    • My computer. All my work is in that
    • TV. How would I watch the news otherwise?
    • FOOD
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    You are at home, being a couch potato, what do you do?

    • Go outside and play sports
    • Doodle on a notepad
    • Finish my work/homework
    • Stare at the ceiling
    • Eat, of course
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    What’s the square root of 555025?

    • When did this turn into a math quiz?
    • Somewhere between 1 and 15616531
    • I refuse to answer
    • Can a friend help out?
    • 745
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    Pick a word:

    • Fiasco
    • Voila
    • Nonsense
    • Oyster
    • Angelo
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    The ice cream truck is outside. What will you get?

    • I hate ice cream
    • Push pop
    • Disfigured Pikachu
    • Fudge Bomb
    • Eskimo Pie
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    What is life?

    • Meaningless
    • An open book
    • An adventure
    • A beach
    • A box of chocolate
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    Do you like pineapple pizza?

    • Of course, I do
    • Well, I don’t hate it
    • If I’m drunk enough
    • NO
    • What’s that monstrosity?