Take This Quiz To Find The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend On Valentines Day

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    First things first, what’s your current relationship status?

    • We believe in enjoying the present without worrying much about the future.
    • Recently started dating
    • Living together; we want to get married someday
    • We’re in a loving, committed relationship
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    One word to describe her?

    • Free-spirited
    • Trendy
    • Romantic
    • Unique
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    Is this your first Valentine’s Day with her?

    • Kind of
    • Yup
    • We’ve spent many over the past years
    • Nope
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    What kind of date would she like most?

    • Somewhere outdoorsy
    • I don’t really know
    • Dinner date
    • Something out of this world/unique
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    Does she love shopping?

    • Who doesn’t love shopping?
    • She’s a shopaholic
    • Not really
    • Yes, she does love shopping but doesn’t shop too frequently
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    What does she usually do on weekends?

    • Go out with friends/Do something adventurous
    • Visit the shopping mall
    • We usually go on romantic dates/or to the movies
    • Be on her own/rest/cook/do things that make her happy
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    What do you have to say about her fashion sense?

    • Casual/Basic
    • Dresses to set a trend
    • She keeps it elegant and simple
    • Peculiar, in a very impressive way! And gosh, she looks great in everything.
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    This weekend, she’s taking you on a date. Where are you two most likely to end up?

    • A hiking date, I guess!
    • Cafeteria
    • A hotel dinner
    • A spot no one knows about. She has her way of finding the most beautiful places!
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    Have you ever cooked a meal for her before?

    • A few times
    • Does coffee count?
    • Yes, I love cooking
    • Nope
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    Did she make a New Year’s Resolution? What was it?

    • To travel more
    • To shop a tad lesser
    • To find more balance between personal life and work
    • To learn an instrument/ read more books