Take This Quiz To Find Out What Your Boyfriend Wants For Christmas

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    What’s your current relationship status with your boyfriend?

    • Living together
    • We’re dating for several months/over a year
    • Recently started dating
    • We look forward to getting married someday
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    Have you ever bought something for him? If yes, what was the gift that made him the happiest?

    • Surprised him with a ticket to a nearby city. He was thrilled!
    • He’s always happy when I buy him food. He’s the cutest!
    • His favorite cologne
    • Honestly? He appreciates everything. Even a painting bought from the street vendor makes him so happy!
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    How would you describe him?

    • He’s adventurous. He loves traveling and meeting new people.
    • He’s a family guy. Good food sets his mood right every time.
    • He’s ambitious. He works hard to earn money and spends it on things that make him/loved ones happy.
    • He’s a sweetheart. Kindness and generosity ooze out from within.
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    Does he live alone?

    • We live together
    • Yes there’s no one at his home
    • Can’t say
    • Living with his family/roommate
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    Has he shared his life goals with you?

    • Yes, we talk about it almost every day. He wishes to travel the world someday.
    • Yup I know it all
    • Nope he’s reserved
    • Kind of maybe not all
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    Describe his fashion sense?

    • Classy/Dapper
    • Casual
    • Trendy
    • Basic
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    How do you guys usually spend Christmas?

    • Decorating the house/visiting places
    • Going on buffets/dates
    • We don’t spend the holidays together yet
    • Dinner with each other’s families
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    What does Christmas mean to your partner?

    • It’s the holiday season when he can travel peacefully
    • Time to share love and food
    • Can’t say
    • Time to spoil yourself and loved ones with gifts
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    How does he usually make up to you after a big fight?

    • Surprise me with a trip
    • Buys me lots of food and goodies
    • Takes me out on a date/ buys me something from my Wish list
    • Cooks for me
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    Lastly, do you have a budget?

    • Nope, I’m going all out!
    • Not really
    • Doesn’t matter
    • Maybe around $50