What Type of Guy Do I Like? Find Out with This Quiz!

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    He’s taking you on a date. Where do you want to go?

    • The nicest restaurant in town
    • A museum or a play sounds perfect
    • Rock climbing
    • Anywhere, as long as it’s on the back of his motorcycle
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    What’s his job?

    • Something businessy
    • Something sciency
    • Something sporty
    • He can be flipping burgers for all I care as long as he’s hot
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    Where does he take you on vacation?

    • The Maldives
    • Somewhere in Europe
    • Backpacking around Asia
    • Somewhere for dark tourists
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    How long before he asks you to move in?

    • 3 months. He’s got plenty of room in that big house of his
    • 1 year. He says that’s sensible
    • 5 years. We spend most of our money on traveling first
    • We need to keep some aspects of our lives separate
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    What’s his drink of choice?

    • Expensive Scotch
    • A good wine
    • A beer will do
    • Anything that will get us drunk
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    Has he finished his schooling?

    • I don’t care what the degree is, it’s making him lots of money
    • He has a good degree
    • He finished high school
    • No, it doesn’t matter
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    You’re going on vacation to somewhere a few states over. How do you get there?

    • His private jet
    • Airline, economy style. What’s the point in wasting money on first class?
    • A road trip sounds fun
    • Probably Greyhound
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    Would he rob a bank for you if you asked?

    • Why would he need to when he’s already rich?
    • No way
    • He thinks it sounds kind of fun, but can’t work out the logistics
    • Of course, he would!
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    Another guy tries moving in on you. How would your man fight for you?

    • He’d threaten to destroy the guy’s life
    • He’d defuse the situation with his words
    • He’d challenge him and make him back down
    • He’d FIGHT for me
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    How would you want him to propose?

    • In Paris. Duh
    • Where we had our first date
    • On top of a mountain
    • He isn’t the marrying type, and neither am I