Ecto, Endo, or Meso: What Type of Metabolism Do I Have Quiz?

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    Which best describes your body type?

    • I’m unsure
    • Lean and skinny
    • Heavy-set
    • Athletic
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    What’s your favorite weekend activity?

    • Watching movies or video games
    • Long-distance running
    • Weight lifting
    • High-Intensity Interval Training
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    Which meal would you choose?

    • I’m not picky/not sure
    • An entire pizza
    • Some candy
    • A healthy salad
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    Have you tried to lose weight before?

    • No, never
    • I can’t even gain weight!
    • I’m always on a diet
    • Sometimes
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    What happens when you lift weights?

    • I don’t lift
    • I lift weights, but nothing happens
    • I gain muscle very fast
    • I gain muscle at a moderate pace
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    What food gives you the most energy?

    • Food makes me tired
    • Fatty foods
    • Lean foods
    • Fatty and lean foods together
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    Choose one exercise:

    • I don’t know any exercises
    • Pull ups
    • Bicep curls
    • Burpees
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    How long can you run before you get tired?

    • I don’t run very often
    • 4 miles
    • 1 mile
    • 3 miles
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    Have you ever hired a personal trainer?

    • I don’t care about personal training
    • What for? I’m already skinny
    • I see my personal trainer three times a week
    • Sometimes, when I hit a plateau
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    What is your natural tendency?

    • I’m not sure
    • I’m very energetic
    • I’m lethargic
    • I’m balanced with my activities